The Marketer’s Vault Mark Thompson 2017 High Conversion Channel Launched

The Marketer's Vault in DIGITAL format will be shipped to customers instantly

Mark Thompson and Matt Callen has launched the highest channel conversion method for PayKickstart: The Marketer’s Vault. This channel has outperformed all of the other PayKickstart channels because of the massive value the customers receive from it.

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PayKickstart is a payment and partner platform that is used to run online businesses. It has been running live to the public as of 2016 and has been promoted via webinars, pre-launched videos and free trial pages.

Through word of mouth of the tons of vendors who use the platform, PayKickstart is steadily paving the way on how a payment and partner platform should be.

In the last 6 months, Mark and Matt tested different channels in order to expose PayKickstart to new people and encourage them to start utilizing it as a vendor for their online business. They discovered that the one channel that has consistently done the best over the others has been the free plus shipping offer. This is where the Marketer’s Vault comes into play.

The Marketer’s Vault was created as a custom package that includes software, training, tools and resources to help people start their own online business.

500 physical packages were made available and sent to customers in the U.S. The packages immediately sold out in the first week, after which more customers wanted to have it in digital format.

The digital version was made shortly thereafter and was introduced to the world. It flew off the shelves and sold out immediately as well.

Through this endeavor, 60% conversion on the front end was achieved and 35% of the customers who availed of The Marketer’s Vault stayed and continued to use PayKickstart for $99 a month.

On the official launch date of The Marketer’s Vault, customers will be treated to a wide array of features and up-sells that they can take advantage of some of which are the 100% of the front end of The Marketer’s Vault, Agency Up-sell etc.

Full information can be found and additional details are provided in the URL above.

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