The Marine Protected Area Citizen Science Cruise: A Great Learning Program

The Newport Landing Whale Watching program offers an opportunity to enjoy exciting whale watching activities through the Protected Area Citizen Science Cruise.

The Newport Landing Sportfishing and the Crystal Cove Alliance’s unique partnership created an exciting program that represents students with an interesting and enjoyable opportunity of watching whales and participating in scientific expeditions. Citizen Science Cruise, Newport Landing program’s marine protected area allows students to take on scientific research and supervising expeditions run by local scientist community.

The Crystal Cove Alliance is a conservation institution supervises the marine conservation area in partnership with other partners like the Sportfishing Company, local scientists and Start Park resource managers. The partnership, which restores participation from students and teachers, launched the program to boost awareness, increase conservation efforts and guide young students to become stellar scientists.

Newport’s marine protected area Citizen Science Cruise takes place on a research steamer remodeled from a fishing boat giving students a unique firsthand learning experience as well as presenting their teachers a priceless opportunity to bolster the practical applications of their theory lessons.

Teachers who participate in the citizen science cruises have an opportunity to join a Teacher Learning Community. Crystal Cove Alliance’s newly formed learning community enables teachers to interact professionally; share proved teaching lesions, ponder on fundraising ideas among other benefits. Every year, teachers looking to be part of this vigorous community at Crystal Cove Alliance are advised to call in advance due to the limited number of seats available every year.

Members who join this dynamic community are awarded a scholarship worth $250 towards the Citizen Science Cruise. They have unlimited access to pre and post trip activities, developed and filtered by fellow teachers. Additionally, community members are qualified for other financial aids. Members required attending a professional development day where they prepare both pre and post trip lessons, later added to an online collection. Teachers must take a leading role in chaperoning the students during the citizen cruises. Teachers who are unable to make it to the learning community are also encouraged to schedule a field trip for their students in citizen cruises.

Citizen Science Cruises marine protected area is a three hour fun-filled experimental learning activity that targets students from seventh to twelfth grades. Students can explore the State Parks protected coastal water, watch whales in action and can engage in three supervising projects including Digital Fishing Inspection, Water Quality and Plankton Inspection.

Students enjoy firsthand learning experience of the scientific sampling procedures used by scientists while collecting plankton and water quality samples during their assignments. They can also drop digital fishing cameras into the ocean to capture the sublime underwater scenery, plants and marine life. The data collected used in the current studies by the scientists and resource managers to better the craft of conserving underwater park.

Newport Landing’s whale watching program offers year-round opportunities to local citizens along with tourists and several trips depart from Newport every day. Newport Landing is few minutes away from Los Angeles and is situated in Orange County.

Visitors are advised to find out more information about the services offered by the company from the internet and are easily accessible by putting in the keywords Whale Watching San Diego or Whale Watching Long Beach.


In order to be a part of this exciting opportunity provided by the Crystal Cove Alliance and Newport Landing Sportfishing and enroll for the Protected Area Citizen Science Cruise, you may contact Jessica Roame on her email address:

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