The Magic Of Real Estate Training Teaches 9 To 5ers How To Invest In Real Estate

California entrepreneur claws his way back post-Recession to build an online school for a new breed of real estate entrepreneurs.

Riverside, CA – October 26, 2016 – For most people, post-Recession uncertainty is reason enough to seek the security of a regular paycheck and resist the wide-eyed enthusiasm many entrepreneurs seem to have. Toyin Dawodu of Riverside is one such wide-eyed entrepreneur. A seasoned real estate investor who has bought and sold more than 400 properties over the past 15 years, Toyin’s current mission is to use his online hub at to teach 9 to 5ers and other would-be real estate entrepreneurs how to invest in real estate.

The suite of training tools that make up The Magic of Real Estate® catalog include The Magic of Real Estate® website, The Magic of Real Estate® book and workbook, and two web-based training programs – the Pick My Brain Real Estate 90-Day Apprenticeship program and the Double Your Money Real Estate Trust Deed Investment Training Program, a program created to teach those in and approaching retirement about private lending.

“Most people would make more money setting up a lemonade stand on the side of the road than they earn in interest from their banks,” Toyin says. “If more people could learn how to invest in real estate, they could supplement their income, or replace their income from their jobs altogether, and retire worry-free.”

Toyin’s story began with him coming to the U.S. from Nigeria, by way of London, in the 1980s. Even armed with an MBA in Business Marketing from California State University, San Bernadino, Toyin experienced what many immigrants experience – joblessness. To earn money, Toyin took a job as a car salesman, and the decision proved beneficial for Toyin, who turned out to be a natural salesman and people magnet. Toyin became one of Mazda’s top sales professionals nationally and won award after award before making a move into real estate.

For nearly two decades, Toyin worked to build a successful real estate investment business, doing more than $50 million in sales buying and selling 450 properties. With the help of mentors along the way, Toyin learned the business and became a successful real estate investor. That is, until the Great Recession came. Toyin suffered the same devastating economic fate many Americans suffered. Broke, but not broken, he decided to turn things around for himself and his family and has successfully re-built his growing real estate business to a multi-million-dollar endeavor, this time with an added component – formalizing a training system that will teach others how to invest in real estate.

This year, Toyin was named a semi-finalist in the Spirit of the Entrepreneur Award, an annual program and black-tie gala honoring influential entrepreneurs in California’s Inland Empire. Both the Pick My Brain apprenticeship program and the Double Your Money real estate investment training for private lenders are currently accepting new students for their Fall 2016 programs.

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