The Live Streaming Platform POPKON (POPK) Gets Listed on the United States Virtual Assets Exchange ‘Bittrex’ for the First Time.

POPK, which is trying to pioneer a new platform in the WEB 3.0 era through L2E (Livestreaming to Earn) technology, is listed on the Bittrex Global Exchange.

The virtual asset POPKON (POPK) of POPKON Partners (Representative- Seung-hyun Ha), which is a dispersion-type incentive live streaming transaction platform, was newly listed on Bittrex Global, which is a virtual asset exchange of the United States on March 1 based on Korean time.

As a virtual asset that gets used in ‘POPKON Net’, which is a compensation-type, live streaming transaction platform, POPKON (POPK) was developed in order to overcome the various kinds of the problems and the limitations that are held by the preexistent live streaming platforms.

Especially, based on the blockchain technology and based on the management plan in the form of a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), by escaping from the opaque compensation system of the preexistent, centralize, and authoritarian platform, the more transparent compensation and the establishment of a stable and autonomous ecosystem are supported.

Regarding POPKON (POPK), in order to reform the monopolistic structures of the preexistent, live streaming platforms and in order to make the production of more diverse contents possible, by introducing the processes of Staking Pool and Live-streaming to earn, it has been planned so that all of the users who had participated in the live streaming ecosystem can enjoy the benefits through diverse methods.

Also, it is planned that POPKON (POPK) will be utilized freely in the NFT Market, which will be made open to the public later on, the Metabus Platform utilizing the NFT Market, the Global Live Streaming Platform, etc.

A related source at POPKON Partners said, “The global listing of Bittrex this time will become the first step for advancing to the Metabus Platform, which is the ultimate goal of POPKON Partners.” And the related source conveyed by saying, “POPKON (POPK) will become a new live streaming and a contents ecosystem for the communication patterns of the modern people that get reorganized by being centered on the digital.”

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