The Link Between A Wet & Dry Microfiber Hardwood Floor Flat Mop & Child Health

Keeping kids active is vital to their health. Parents are finding that their children get a lot more satisfaction out of mopping the floor compared to other chores.

Keeping kids active is vital to their health. It has been shown that as kids become more sedentary, their risk of experiencing depression by the age of 18 increases drastically. According to a study published by the University of Minnesota, involving children in household chores early in life encourages the growth and development of mastery, responsibility, and self-reliance. The study, which followed over 80 children throughout their life, found that kids who started doing chores early were more likely to have good relationships with friends and family, as well as academic success and eventually success in their careers when compared with those who didn’t have chores as young kids.

But, apparently, not all chores are created equal, some parents are finding that their children get a lot more out of mopping compared to other chores.

“A mop is one of the many practical life materials we have in our home.” Says the author at “Otto loves mopping as he enjoys splashing around with water. Mopping is such valuable work, the child uses their whole body, and the satisfaction at the end is priceless.”

The problem is, not all kids are as enthusiastic about getting involved with mopping as is Otto, especially when we are talking about tweens and teens. The 3 biggest and most common objections that kids have towards mopping are,

-The heavy bucket of water they have to carry

-Unadjustable mop handles that don’t fit their height

-Having to manually deal with the dirty mop head once finished

But, it does not have to be that way, say’s Brian, the creator of the Dredge microfiber flat mop. With our Dredge mop, there is no bucket of water. The handle is telescopic and fully adjustable all the way down or up and, when you are finished mopping, just toss the pad in the washer.

“My kids have all given it a go too and enjoyed helping out. This is definitely a winner!” said Diane in her Amazon review of the Dredge mop.

Amaya also mentioned her children in her review, “Easy enough for the kids to get chores accomplished and sturdy enough for moms deep cleanings.”

Temples Pride was founded in 2015 and has been selling their Dredge microfiber mop on Amazon since 2016. It has risen to become the best selling mop in its class. More information about Temples Pride and their microfiber mop is available on their website.

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