The Latest In Preschool Education: Interactive Online Preschool Classes

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The Latest In Preschool Education: Interactive Online Preschool Classes

Education is changing, and so is how preschoolers learn and grow. Growing Brilliant Preschool Academy is proud to announce that they now offer an online virtual preschool to meet these new times. Many families are currently working from home and seeking alternative learning options for their preschool aged children. Finding meaningful opportunities to interact with teachers and other children can be a challenge due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Growing Brilliant has worked hard to develop an engaging, age-appropriate online preschool program that feels just as if children are all learning together in-person. Best of all, they are offering a FREE trial class here!

A Focus On Child Development

Growing Brilliant’s Online Preschool program offers interactive classes for children ages infant to 6 years old. Designed by their skilled preschool educators, lessons include five key areas of early childhood development: social-emotional, physical, intellectual, creative, and cognition and knowledge of the world. Students are encouraged to interact with teachers and peers through live classes, practice their fine motor skills, learn academic concepts, create art projects, and explore the world around them through stories, songs, conversations, and activities.

Ages And Activities You Can Expect

Growing Brilliant offers three age groups within their online preschool that includes Parent Participation (ages 0-2), Little Learners (ages 2-3), and Kindergarten Readiness (ages 4-5). There are plenty of fun and exciting activities included in their online preschool to keep children engaged and focused. For example, in their Parent Participation class, infants and toddlers will play with fun instruments like maracas and tambourines. Parents, be ready to hear a lot of music and singing! Children will also see and learn sign language to communicate things like “more”, “please”, and other fun words that correlate with Growing Brilliant’s monthly themes. Little Learners will hear stories and sing songs as well as explore their fine motor skills with scissors and markers. They will create beautiful art for parents to hang on their refrigerator! Kindergarten Readiness children will be thrilled with counting items, art activities, and letter and number recognition. Children in Kindergarten Club will begin learning to read and identify sight words. Soon they will be reading a bedtime story to their parents! There are so many activities and learning objectives! Growing Brilliant teachers implement their virtual online preschool in a way that children will definitely enjoy. Join Growing Brilliant for a free trial class by clicking here.

Online Classes With Growing Brilliant Teachers

Growing Brilliant’s online preschool classes meet once daily or a few times a week for 30-45 minutes, depending on the child’s age group and chosen program. Families are provided with a secure Zoom link and the classes are led by experienced Growing Brilliant teachers. All of their teachers have Early Childhood Education credentials, at least two years of teaching experience, and are fingerprinted through the State of California.

What They Offer

Parents may have questions about what their preschool-aged child’s online experience will look like in an online format. Growing Brilliant encourages these parents to schedule a free trial class to see what their online preschool program is all about. Also, some students who are shy at first or distracted, will often warm up after a few classes. Growing Brilliant teachers are extremely engaging and incorporate hands-on activities into every class. They provide all the necessary materials that children will need during their online class that is included in a starter box at enrollment time, as well as a monthly or bi-monthly curriculum box. The delivery time of the box depends on the enrolled program. The curriculum box is loaded with the supplies needed to complete the amazing activities in each class. Items include things like scissors, paint, markers, paper, crafts, dry erase board, instruments, worksheets, and so much more. This curriculum box is shipped free to your home just in time for class.

About Growing Brilliant

Zach and Lisa Hansen started Growing Brilliant in 2013 with their Rocklin, California location. Lisa holds a doctoral degree in education from the University of San Francisco. Lisa is a credentialed elementary school teacher and also has experience as a preschool teacher and reading specialist. Through her research, Lisa has learned that early experiences are directly linked to academic achievement later in life. She has a passion for early childhood development and believes in promoting lifelong learning. Zach graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside with a degree in business and marketing. His main focus is operations, corporate vision, service enhancements and marketing. This allows Lisa to focus on creating exceptional classroom experiences and curriculum with our amazing staff.

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