The Kibo Code – Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth’s eCommerce Training Course

Check out this new course showing you how to run a successful eCommerce store.

The Kibo Code is a training course that Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth teache people how to run a successful eCommerce store in a very unique way. This is not your typical eCommerece training. It teaches a very different way to promote products based of of a very successful business in Japan.

Here’s what the Kibo code is all about:

The Kibo Code is a 8 week training program that shows people how they can make money following what Steve and Aidan have been doing “under the radar” for the last couple of years which has earned them Millions of dollars. It’s all from following along with the very unique way of running your store.

What is unique about this business is that they implement their techniques faster and easier then the typical way of starting a eCommerce store. Even if a person has never had any experience in selling products online. People won’t have to deal with Amazon, Facebook or handle any inventory.

The method is based off a popular brick and mortar store in Tokyo, Japan that makes billions of dollars selling just about everything you can think of.

What they do is fill up their store with tons of products, see which ones sell, then put the best selling products in place where they get more foot traffic, then remove what isn’t selling, then continue to add more products and keep on doing the same system to maximize their profits.

Steve and Aidan have been doing this for the last 2 years and have made an absolute fortune using this model.

Here is the process for the Kibo code

Here’s how the process works:

People buy a high quality generic domain name. ( They have a tool which finds the best ones).

People set up a simple store with a high quality theme. ( With their system this takes about 60 seconds).

People pinpoint profitable products using their software. (There is up to 3 Million products to choose from).

People load up your website with the products. ( No image or text creation required)

People send instant traffic to your website. Using cheap, underrated and vastly untapped methods.

When people make a sale, other USA based suppliers will dropship the product to the customer directly. ( No one will never have to touch any inventory or pay anything up front. And the products are delivered fast.

Then they have people optimize. Keeping the profitable products, getting rid of the ones that aren’t, then keep on scaling up to continue to find winning products while increasing profits.

Here’s some final thoughts on the Kibo Code

All students of theirs will receive, training, software, proven storefront and product pages, product databases and identification tools, a control center, coaching, support, community and a whole lot more to make this as easy as humanly possible.

If anyone is looking to make 2020 the year you break free of the daily grind and finally start their very own home business then I feel you should seriously look into joining this training course.

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