The Key Guys Break The Century Mark with over 100 Google 5 Star Reviews

Twin Cities Based Car Locksmiths, The Key Guys have accumulated over 100 5 star reviews on Google, which they celebrate and commit to continue excellent service.

Twin City based, The Key Guys became the first automotive locksmith to get over 100 Google Reviews in the Minneapolis St Paul metro marketplace.

Over the years they have won multiple Thumptack “Best of” awards in the locksmith area, but this achievement means more to Brian Nystrom, The Key Guys’ owner.

“We hadn’t paid much attention to getting reviews until lately,” Brian says. “We are really grateful for the positive response we have received from our customers.”

“The secret to our success is providing expert service with a smile.” “We know our stuff and are out and about everyday – somewhere in the metro.”

The Key Guys have offered 24/7 service for well over a decade.

People get into a lot of different difficulties. This is evidenced in turn by the contents of the reviews they leave. The Key Guys published a blogpost about the recent century mark crossing and some of the more interesting reviews they received recently.

Everything from girlfriend losing keys, to husband flying with them and roommate out of town with the snowplow coming.

Snow was a bit of a recent hit, which generated press coverage of a review that praised The Key Guys for heroic winter time effort.

“We probably get more calls from people who lost their keys in the sand in the summer than in snow drifts in the winter,” Brian confides. But their willingness to brave the elements is just one source of the praise they have earned.

“The rest probably comes from a ready smile and a real joy that comes with helping people out of a jam.” “Our crew likes what they do, they know their stuff and the result is service that people appreciate.”

“We get a few oddball reviews along the way,” Brian reveals. “But most people are gracious and reward us with kind words.”

“And we benefit as a result – no way around it. People respect the fact that we have good reviews. Most people don’t have a locksmith already stored on their phones. They need to search and find someone they can trust. We trust that our good standing on Google is adequate proof of our good intentions and service. We aim to continue on the same path going forward as well,” Brian concludes.

The Key Guys have a Google Site at:

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