The Kelowna Microblading Scene Acquires Major Talent In Ink & Arch

Ink & Arch Microblading Kelowna has defied convention in the esthetics market, crafting perfectly sculpted brows with a guarantee of professional certification, expertise, and excellence. Further information can be found at

Don’t be surprised if over the coming weeks there is a rise in perfectly sharp, arched brows in the streets of Kelowna. This fall, Ink & Arch Microblading Kelowna is bringing certified professional microblading techniques to the Okanagan. Boasting one of the first certified instructors in Canada as well as an advanced technician who regularly provides her own expertise to internationally renowned INKED magazine, Kelowna consumers can be confident their brows are being sculpted by the very best in the business.

Leanne Kuhn, Master Artist and Educator at Ink & Arch, says: “Microblading and my delicate sculpting technique combine for a lush brow that is full, natural, and exquisite.” Run by one of Canada’s first certified educators, Ink & Arch has become one of the biggest names in microblading by offering professional expertise and creativity to help women feel confident in their brows. What is microblading Kelowna? The Kelowna microblading experts‘ website notes that microbladed brows are “also known as ‘feather stroke’, ‘3D brows’, or ‘hair stroke brows'” and are “the perfect option for those seeking a natural and realistic look.” The process involves using an extremely fine blade to place ink just under the dermal layer of the skin — due to the fine nature of the blade and the shallow depth of pigment penetration, these brows are semi-permanent and only require a touch-up every six to eight months.

In the past, microblading Kelowna was an in-demand service, with few certified and highly qualified technicians. That has changed with Ink & Arch’s explosion onto the scene; few in Canada come as highly qualified and recommended as Leanne Kuhn and her advanced technician Jessica Wilde. This is key, since over the past year microblading has grown in popularity, various news reports have come to light of unqualified technicians and poorly-done brows. Healthy Magazine notes that “Some microblading specialists have only taken a two or three day course and started taking clients” so anyone looking for microblading should research to find a talented and experienced brow artist.

For microblading Kelowna, Leanne Kuhn is the best in the business, so clients can be confident in the service they receive. Leanne was not satisfied with only attaining her microblading certification, and instead reached further to attain her Microblading Instructor Certification under world renowned brow artist Monika Ludwiczac of Everlasting Brows. One of the first in Canada to accomplish this, Leanne is well-known as an expert in her field, and microblading Kelowna undoubtedly benefits from the expertise she brings to the scene.

Ink & Arch Microblading Kelowna is now available at their salon, located at #9 – 1638 Pandosy Street, Kelowna BC. To find out more or to book an appointment, it’s possible to visit Ink & Arch Micoblading Kelowna online.

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