The KCC Launchpad Tipped a Game Changer Certified Exit Scam Proof by Auditors

KCC Launchpad is a community-driven launchpad for fairness & equality on the Kucoin Community Chain. A new concept, the token is certified to be safe by auditors. The launchpad whitelist applications close on Friday the 14th of August at 9pm UTC.

Blockchain solutions are being created for the hardest to reach areas and most underfunded parts of the world. The Kucoin Community Chain Launchpad (KCC Launchpad) is the next generation to appear.

With the KCC Fairness and Utility Written Into the Code

KCC Launchpad is a community-driven launchpad driven on the platform of fairness & equality. Company executives explaining some attributes of the launchpad stated, “We are not limited to a launchpad project but also have a growing ecosystem to enable us to increase the utility of the ecosystem. We also have our swap- KCL Swap where users can exchange or list coins for other stable coins, make passive income streams through Yield Farming, Staking, Lottery, Playing of games for cryptocurrency & lots more.”

The KCC Launchpad project has been verified for the impossibility of an exit scam with an audit carried out by the blockchain Auditor team of eNebula Solutions. eNebula Solutions guarantees the impossibility of exit scam in The KCC Launchpad Token Smart Contract. Here is a link for the Audit Report.

The KCC Launchpad Mission

The Binance Smart ( BSC) introduction was meant to solve the drawbacks of high fees and congestion associated with the Ether Chain and hence the coming of many launchpads on the BSC network. But in recent times, many small but promising projects have been unable to launch on these launchpads due to the many demands/terms set by these established Launchpads on the BSC, thus giving rise to many scam launchpads.

The desire to see these anomalies corrected led to the Kucoin Community Chain Launchpad (KCC Launch) on the Kucoin Community Chain. KCC aims to help streamline the process for new and existing project teams looking to impact the Defi scene while providing exclusive and secure opportunities for the KCC community. KCC creates a single, safe destination for both presale investors and prelaunch projects. Investors benefit from exclusive access to safe, innovative projects and rewarding investments on the Kucoin Community Chain. Projects benefit from exclusive partnerships with leading blockchain companies, influencers & providing increased exposure, complimentary audits, better liquidity, and a dedicated community ready to back them up.

KCC Launchpad features

There will be guaranteed allocations for KCC launch holders. Users who hold KCC tokens receive allocations based on the total number of coins staked and weight score. Staking benefits include an overall weight score, and this gives holders a higher allocation during IDOs`. The anti-pump & dump strategy is a structure that vests a portion of coins bought by participants during the public sale after releasing 50% of coins over three months to avoid pump and dump groups. Investors ought to see the potential of projects and allow them to actualize and create a personal vision. The KCC platform creates a fair system that will enable it to pick great projects with potential and realistic goals without making outrageous

demands from the team. KCC also helps projects to get the necessary marketing to allow a wider audience. Another revolutionary and valuable feature is being added to the Kucoin Community Chain that will be called the KCC Bridge. The bridging feature will allow other native tokens that are a part of other chains to circulate seamless transactions on KCC. These transactions will be compatible with coins such as USDC and USDT working as a bridge between USDC and Ethereum. There will be no additional gas fees for these transmittances of assets into KCC, though fees may apply for other chains. The objective of the KCC chain was to create a compatible system that would enhance confirmation speed, improve transaction performance, and reduce transaction costs.

In the weeks following the launch, KCC will also be launching a swap where users can swap coins for stable coins, new projects can get listed immediately after launch, users will be able to enjoy farming features & lots more.

Follow KCC on Twitter and join the Telegram Community Chatroom for more information to get into the presale.

Release ID: 89040770