The Johnsons’ Release New Brand 'Wealth Unchained' On To The World

Wealth Unchained is a platform built for entrepreneurs who want to build a profitable business without the headaches of time and location restrictions.

Today, Kristen and Ryan Johnson have announced the revealing of “Wealth Unchained”. “Most entrepreneurs would love to have more time freedom and less location commitments when it comes to building their business” said Kristen Johnson one half of the entrepreneurial power couple. “This platform will show entrepreneurs how people just like them are able to operate incredibly successful companies while still maintaining their sanity and sense of adventure. Business should be fun and profitable. Travelling the world, meeting new people, and living life on your terms is something every serious entrepreneur should experience.”

A huge focus of the Wealth Unchained message is fiscal responsibility and advanced wealth building concepts. Many entrepreneurs spend such an extraordinary amount of time focusing on how to bring in more revenue through the front door that they completely neglect the management and direction of the money once it comes in.

The Johnsons’ give people an opportunity to learn how they successfully created a life by design through YouTube videos, in depth blog posts,and one on one mentoring and consulting where people can work and learn right under their wing.

Part of the Johnsons’ purpose is to bring their incredible insight education to the marketplace by sharing personal experiences and lessons learned along the way. One of the first communities that content was developed for was the network marketing and direct selling industry. The Johnsons’ tremendous success in the space as top producers and million dollar earners contributed to the creation of MLM Unchained. The free course focuses on the often overlooked and undervalued financial management and tax strategy component to that most people in the industry struggle with. The free course can befound at as well as loads of other continuously updated content.

“MLM Unchained is filled with real world practical advice based on the actual trials and tribulations of managing and growing wealth beyond the network marketing income stream.” explains Ryan. The MLM industry by and large is becoming more and more recognized as a place where hungry entrepreneurs and sales people can go make their mark and explode their income through hard work and discipline. Similar to the car industry or real estate people of ambition from all walks of life are proving that the model has the legs to produce serious cash-flow and income. But what do distributors and representatives do with this money? That’s a gap the Johnsons’ plan on closing with their free course.

“If people in the network marketing industry want to experience true freedom they will need to think beyond their pay check and start to plan and strategize for massive wealth”. From strategic savings and money management tactics to more advanced wealth accumulation and tax planning this course has it covered.

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