“The Innovator’s Secret Formula” now Available on Amazon

Silicon Valley Innovation experts announce their new book THE INNOVATOR’S SECRET FORMULA for creating highly profitable breakthrough products with lower risk and higher market share.

(PALO ALTO, CA) Three innovation experts announce the release of their breakthrough book “The Innovator’s Secret Formula” that introduces a new way to create highly profitable, market-leading products.

Welcome to the Age of Hyper-innovation – where new innovative products are designed, created, and launched faster than ever before. Yet most new products fail because they are not products that people actually want to buy.

What if you had a Secret Formula that could predict how successful your new products will be? What if there was a new way to look not just at your new product development process, but at your entire product innovation strategy?

Welcome to The Innovator’s Secret Formula, which introduces the Quantitative Product-Market Fit (QPMF) framework, a new breakthrough method for designing highly profitable, market-leading products that have high Product-Market Fit (PMF). Product-Market Fit is so critical for success that one of Silicon Valley’s top investors called “the only thing that matters.”

All of a product’s competitive advantage comes from having better Product-Market Fit. It determines profitability, market share, customer loyalty, cost of customer acquisition, and lifetime value of a customer. But until now, no one has clearly defined what Product-Market Fit actually is, how to achieve it, how to measure it, or how to use it for strategic advantage.

Drawing on decades of experience working with venture-backed start-ups in Silicon Valley and other innovative companies across the country, the authors finally share their Secret Formula for creating profitable, award-winning breakthrough products.

“The leading cause of new product failure,” notes author Chris Sorensen, “is the inability to achieve high Product-Market Fit before running out of time or money, or before the window of competitive opportunity closes. The QPMF Innovation Framework gives innovators a significant advantage in achieving market-leading Product-Market Fit.”

The new QPMF Innovation Framework allows companies to evaluate the market attractiveness of numerous potential product designs compared to their competition, and to determine which set of product features will be the most profitable before risking a substantial financial investment.

The book is a must-read for product developers, product managers and brand managers seeking to design new products that customers will love; and for innovative disruptors who are seeking to become the new market leaders.

Advance Praise for The Innovator’s Secret Formula

“Finding product/market fit is the goal for all startups. But finding product/market fit that crushes your competitors and builds lasting competitive advantage is what winners do. The Innovator’s Secret Formula shows you how.”

– Steve Blank, adjunct professor Stanford University,

Senior Innovation Fellow at Columbia University

“Finally it’s not so secret anymore. The Innovator’s Secret Formula helps to demystify and breakdown the key ingredients of success and the playbook/roadmap for Innovation. This is now mandatory reading for all my leaders.”

– Mark Achler, Managing Director, MATH Venture Partners

About the Authors

Chris Sorensen has over twenty-five years of experience on the “front lines” of technology innovation. He is an award-winning start-up executive and strategist with a broad range of hands-on operating experience as CEO, COO, co-founder and board member for numerous start-ups in diverse areas including software, payments, mobile remittances, consumer e-commerce, multi-media, and education.

Matt Brocchini is an experienced product leader. As a CPO, VP, or director of product, Matt has built six start-ups and mentored dozens more. He also co-founded Tinkering Labs which helps kids gain the knowledge, skills, and grit that they will need to become the next generation of global innovators.

Neil Kane, a member of the Burgess Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Michigan State University, is a leading authority on technology commercialization, entrepreneurship, and innovation. He was the co-Executive Director of the Entrepreneurship Center at Argonne National Laboratory and was the inaugural Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Illinois. He has founded companies in areas as diverse as software, nanotechnology, food, and toys.

The Innovator’s Secret Formula is now available at Amazon.com.

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More information and book excerpts are available at www.Innovators-Secret-Formula.com

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