The Incredible Hypnotist and Richard’s Angels Celebrate First Anniversary

Today the Incredible Hypnotist honors incredible women who have joined forces to lift one another up from much difficulty. Read more about the global community here.

Today world-renowned hypnotist, Richard Barker, and nearly 200 hundred members of a group known on Facebook as #RichardsAngels celebrated their one-month anniversary. Richard’s Angels is a community of women that live all around the world and have created a fan club dedicated to Richard Barker, the Incredible Hypnotist. Today, Richard sent the love back by creating a captivating and powerful anniversary video for his Angels.

A little over a month ago, two lovely ladies approached Richard Barker with an idea for creating a fan club and community with other women. They wanted to build a forum to become involved in supporting the Incredible Hypnotist. The two founders also wanted to spread the word that, for those who are suffering in any way, laughter and humor can sometimes be the best medicine. One month ago, today, the moderators created: Incredible Hypnotist Fans: Richard’s Angels.

In celebration of the one-month anniversary, #RichardsAngels located around the world took part in a virtual video birthday party. And recently, a love package was sent over the North Atlantic Ocean between two Angels. Two women, Heelen and Silvia, met through #RichardsAngels. Silvia, located in Massachusetts, is in the midst of battling breast cancer while Heleen, located in the Netherlands, just finished her treatment. The two women have become good friends and are sending gifts via global mail to support and empower one another. The ladies now both wear an identical hypnotic necklace that symbolizes love, perseverance and new-found support system.

Without connecting through Richard Barker, these nearly 200 lives wouldn’t have touched. Whether #RichardsAngels are struggling with breast cancer, other medical issues, or just reaching out for support or to support others, Richard has been a guiding force in helping connect people. Today the Incredible Hypnotist honors these incredible women who have joined forces to lift one another up from much difficulty. Read more about the global community here.

Richard Barker the Incredible Hypnotist is a world-renowned hypnotist who has spent the last 20 years working with thousands of clients and performing his live show in 38 countries. Richard has been seen recently on CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC Networks and is constantly a spokesperson for Hypnosis. Catch Richard Barker discussing hypnosis on major publications like Reader’s Digest, SHAPE Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Men’s Fitness, US Weekly, Sports Illustrated and more.

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