The Hunt Agency Rethinks How Companies Find Marketing Freelancers

The Hunt Agency is an exclusive, invite-only network of talented marketing freelancers located in Minneapolis, MN. Businesses can find a perfect match with access to over 200 professionals.

Minneapolis, MN: The Hunt Agency, an invite-only, tech-based startup, is eager to help businesses throughout the United States connect and work with ingenious marketing freelancers with experience in a variety of industries. After starting to grow their presence in 2019, female founders and freelancers Jennifer Berg and Catherine Ellefson have over 50 years of combined experience, making their network that much more intimate for businesses and freelancers alike.

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Designed with the freelance community in mind, The Hunt Agency offers matching services to businesses in search of freelancers for all their marketing needs. With The Hunt Agency, companies can access top tier, fully vetted freelancers experienced in a variety of areas from photography and web design to marketing services and social media. Regardless of the market that a project falls into, The Hunt Agency guarantees the resources are on hand to help businesses find the perfect creative freelancer.

The Hunt Agency offers two customized solutions for businesses. From an email campaign or website update to strategy development or search engine optimization need, The Hunt Agency will match searchers with the perfect candidate. Whether it’s a team, two people, or an individual, we do the hunting. Customers aren’t required to make a long-term commitment but are instead provided with a quick, efficient way to get work done. If customers are interested in doing the hunting themselves, The Hunt Agency offers membership to unlock access to over 200 fully vetted and experienced marketing freelancers.

About: The Hunt Agency is an invite-only, carefully curated network of talented marketing freelancers based out of Minneapolis, MN. The female founders, Jennifer Berg and Catherine Ellefson, provide businesses with the opportunity to connect and work with creative freelancers with experience in a variety of markets, from copywriting and graphic design to illustration and web design and development.

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