The Holidays Are Coming. Shortages Are On the Horizon. Granfanallys Can Help.

With the buzz around holiday shortages, this may be one of the most stressful holiday seasons in history. That is, without Granfanallys.

SALEM, NH – With recent rumors about product shortages, many people are starting to worry about the upcoming holiday season. Whether checking off the gift list or preparing to host a crowd, shopping lists are long, yet supplies seem a bit short. As the number one pizza shop in Salem, NH, Granfanallys is thrilled to provide customers with the ultimate solution to holiday meal planning.

Many reporting agencies give credit to the rising energy prices in Europe having a ‘serious cascading effect’ on the food supply chain. One focus lies upon the increased price of fertilizer and the direct hit on farmers and the bi-product, carbon dioxide. With limited production, some experts foresee a global shortage in CO2, which is a significant factor in maintaining freshness in packaged food and several beverages.

The reason for such shortages? Simply put, a lack of human resources. With Covid shutting down many factories and even more struggling to staff their warehouses, shipping docks don’t have the workforce, and trucking companies face one of the most significant shortages of drivers in history. There are simply not enough human resources to keep up with demand. Products remain stranded on ships as they await docking clearance.

However, at Granfanallys, the company remains at a steadfast pace during these times. Thus, to assist in what may be one of the most stressful holiday seasons yet, owner, Cliff Ramunto, is thrilled to extend the restaurant’s service line into one of the most sought-after catering services in the region. With a diverse menu, fair prices, and meals made from local, high-quality ingredients, choosing Granfanallys over the holidays is truly a no-brainer. But, of course, if the gathering is small and pizza is the craving, Granfanallys has the region’s best, most authentic New York pizza. Known for the consistency in high-quality ingredients and recipes that have remained the same over the decades, this pizza is a must-try – any time of the year.

Since 1989 the Granfanallys brand has proudly grown to become one of the best-known locations in New England for New York pizza. Originating in Long Island, Granfanallys is now located in Salem, NH – just across the Massachusetts border. Half tray or full trays, the options are endless and sure to satisfy any holiday craving!

Contact Granfanallys by visiting them online or calling (603) 898-4412 to make the holiday season less stressful and more memorable!

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