The Hippie and Boho Clothing for Women Movement.

Are you wondering what a hippie is or who a hippie is, even though almost all others know it, well, let us help you there.


Are you wondering what a hippie is or who a hippie is, even though almost all others know it, well, let us help you there.

Being a hippie is culture and way of living that originated in the late 1960s, this culture is characterized by groups of young people with long hair and disregard for the accepted dictation on how to live. The hippie tradition boasts of its proud and abject rejection of of the regular, popular values ruling the immediate society.

Hippies practice love, peace, rock music, reggae music (like those of Bob Marley and Fela Kuti ) and some other peculiar pieces of their tradition. These individuals tend to have widened mind characteristics and expanded consciousness, practicing values and acts that promote the lack of violent activities. They care about their environment and the world.

Hippies can commonly be identified by their appearance, the growing of long hair, wearing of beads, ponchos, headbands that are of a variety of patterns and types, gypsy clothing and used clothes. You can tell you’ve met a hippie when he/she talks about making peace movements, world peace, green living, and to add to this, they view life as a beautiful thing, and are almost impossible to upset.


Boho defines a way of dressing that is inspired largely by the hippie culture, the word “Boho” is a shortened version of “Bohemian “. This way of dressing is very typical and suitable to hippies, and it is characterized by lots of color, layered clothing, bearing, fringed bags, tunics, jewelry crafted from wood, long dresses and skirts etc


Do you want to look extra feminine?, The hippie and boho style of dressing delivers a very chic and feminine look for its women.

The flowery patterns, beads, ponchos, fringed bags with pretty fringed, and the mass of colors that is a distinct feature of hippie and boho clothing flatters any and every woman, giving and earthy beautiful look, making you feel like nothing less than a goddess. This look has been popularized like some popular Hollywood stars like Kate Moss and the Olsen twins.


This dress culture is alluring to women, because it also has the advantage of being able to me combined with other regular types of clothing, giving you the classic “just a bit hippy” look. Women now wear summer dresses with fringed bags, or suit wears with boho jewelry, giving just a touch of being hippy.

So if you feel that dressing hippy and boho all the way is too much for you, but you love the culture anyways and would love to be a part of it, there’s still a way out for you, and it’s called being “just a bit hippy”, buy your desired hippie wears, then use them as final touches to your corporate dressing, or combine them with your summer wears, use hippie ponchos in the winter with your leggings and polos, buy a variety of boho headbands and sport them on your hair to work looking feminine, pretty and colorful

They will definitely recommend hippie and boho clothing for women movement on how to dress, letting the colorful beauty and earthiness of the hippie and boho clothing make you prettier, even when you’re just a bit hippy

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