The Gold Rush Summit 2.0 Helps To Heal The World And Make It Great, Again

The Gold Rush Summit, A Movement that Transforms Lives, holds Entrepreneurs' hands as they create maximum social impact and bring healing to the world that needs it.

The world is healing…

The Gold Rush Summit 2.0, A Movement That Transforms Lives, helps Entrepreneurs create purpose-driven businesses through training, traffic, and connection! It is committed to holding everyone’s hand as we create greater profit for maximum social impact and bring healing to our community and into the world that needs it. It also holds the hands of entrepreneurs as they set out to have a positive effect on the world.

Notice, the world is in its healing process!

While the global population is continuously facing and conquering the Covid-19 Pandemic, the world has continued to function normally… in fact, it has been healing.

The global lockdown that leads to the slow down of activities of humans has had a variety of good environmental impacts, including lower air pollution from fewer carbon-emitting flights in the sky and fewer fuel-burning automobiles on the road. Even though this pandemic created many problems like death, health issues, unemployment, loss of income, and more, the world is maximizing this opportunity to heal and be great again.

“Some positive environmental stories that show how the planet is reacting positively to the global lockdown”. (Walden, 2020)

– Air pollution levels, particularly in China, the UK, India, and Italy, are markedly lower than last year. New satellite photography from the European Space Agency has discovered that industrial activity decreases due to shutdown limitations.

– Animals have reclaimed their land. A herd of goats has flocked to the vacant town center of Llandudno, Wales, to take advantage of the empty streets. The goats were allowed to freely roam the area and enjoy peaceful grazing on trees now that people were out of the way.

– People were reconnecting with nature and refreshed with the environment, which is a wonderful thing that has evolved out of social distance. People, like nature, can heal. From early birdsongs to the riot of pastel colors flowing from the seasonal blooming trees, they have been forced to halt, slow down, think, and enjoy the small things the gardens and neighborhood walking routes have to offer.


There is still a long way for the world to be healed. There are issues, problems, and concerns such as poverty, health issues, inequality, violence, homelessness, hunger, lack of education, and continuously existing.

And people should take part in making a difference out of these problems.

The Gold Rush Summit is committed to bringing healing to the world that needs it and helping people who help people with their business and firms who create profit without wasting time and money.

The largest online social entrepreneurs event of the year goes live for the second time. The Gold Rush Summit 2.0, an incredible three-day event, will stream interviews and sessions with some of the World’s Top Social Entrepreneurs, sharing expertise creating resources as they drive beneficial impact for the world.

Mark your calendars on September 15-17, 11a-6p EST. Get ready to pivot challenges into successes, get the insights and strategies to upgrade business, and foster societal change.

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