The Gold Coast Accountants Making Waves with Small Businesses Tax

New Wave Business Solutions announced the re opening of their Small Business Accounting and Advisory Service beginning 26/01/2018. More information can be found at

New Wave Accounting & Business Advisory are re-opening their accounting and advisory services (Accountants Gold Coast) to Gold Coast small businesses. The business accountants only take on a number of businesses clients each year to ensure that they can provide maximum value and service. Gold Coast Businesses will soon be able to get involved with New Wave Business Solutions. Today Reuben Bergola, Director at New Wave Accounting & Business Advisory releases details of what the accounting team are releasing as part of their mission to improve small business profitability, growth and taxation. “The goal is to save all of our clients businesses more than $1,000,000 (total savings) over the next 6 months”.

The small business accounting and advisory service is designed to appeal specifically to small business owners on the Gold Coast who are looking for more value and clarity around from their Accountants Gold Coast. This service includes:

Their unique small business tax minimisation review and strategy planning – This feature was included as part of the accounting service because the Accountants Gold Coast found that many business owners do not understand how to best utilise or structure their business for tax purposes. On average more than 60% of their new business clients were paying too much tax. This service will massively improve the chances of minimising tax and improving overall cash flow. “We have saved our clients anywhere between $5,000 to $75,000 a year in tax with our specialised advisory services”. This is great news for Gold Coast business owners because it allows them to gain more clarity around their businesses cash flow and also reduces the anxiety around tax. It allows business owners to have a clear indication of their potential tax consequences and also to plan well in advance.

Cash flow Maximiser – This feature was included in addition to New Wave’s taxation services to improve small business cash flow. Many small businesses constantly feel the strain and stress of not having enough cash. This effects growth, maximising profits and ultimately reaching their business and personal goals. This service is great for small businesses because it allows them to see a clear projection of their businesses cashflow over the next 12, 24 or 36 months. This will allow them to make better business decisions in terms of expanding, cutting costs and how long it will take to reach certain goals. Research has found that business without an Accounting Advisory and a clear financial strategy will in most cases fail within the first 3 years of opening their business.

Business Accounting and Advisory Package – This service was previously their best seller and sold out quickly. Now it will be available again for Gold Coast businesses. New Wave made sure to make this a service that businesses is packed with value. The traditional Gold Coast Accountant would most likely only communicate and see their business clients once a year, usually after the end of the financial year. They would prepare your tax, charge you on an hourly basis and let you know whether the business will pay tax or receive a refund. The issue with this is that this provides little value to your businesses future growth. Business owners walk away with a negative outlook on accounting as it is an expense that offers them no value. Accountants who focus solely at preparing tax and looking at historical figures cause the client to miss out on big opportunities for growth and tax savings. It means the client does not have an opportunity to make sound decisions and changes within their business. Too little, too late is the response from most businesses. New Wave touch base with their clients throughout the year and provide a service with unlimited phone calls and emails. This allows clients to use New Wave as support. This means anything from what expenses are deductible, to tax consequences on selling a business motor vehicle. The best part is that this accounting service is a monthly fixed which means transparency in fees. It includes your end of year tax, unlimited phone calls and emails, pre end of financial year tax minimisation review and strategy planning and all of your quarterly BAS lodgements. Customers of New Wave Accounting & Business Advisory will likely appreciate this because businesses it provides businesses ongoing support without the anxiety of receiving surprise bills from their accountant who charge by the hour. It allows them to gain clarity and confidence in their figures to make important decisions. In addition, the business figures are reviewed prior to the end of financial year which means critical tax saving decisions can we be. It also allows the owner to catch on to issues quickly and make the right moves before they become a big issue.

Reuben Bergola, when asked about New Wave said:

“Business accounting has traditionally been seen as a low value service focusing on data entry and tax. New Wave are here to change that perception by providing clients with better business advice. We try to make the experience pain free and transparent so that clients are not afraid to call or send emails. The result, stress free and happy business owners that are confident knowing that they have a support team standing beside them in all aspects of their business. Business owners these days wants more than just tax, we provide clarity, focus and clear goals”

This is the latest offering from New Wave and Reuben Bergola is particularly excited about this launch because they been working extremely hard over the past few years to change the way accountants work. They are now providing more value to their clients than most accountants and in turn their clients have experiences huge growth and also have been minimising their tax effectively.

Those interested in learning more about New Wave Business Solutions and their Business Accounting services can do so on the website at or visit their Gold Coast office

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