The Future of Work is Remote and Freelance, Voices 2022 Trends Report Finds

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Voices' 2022 Annual Trends Report is live and utilizes a collection of widespread surveys and internal data to predict future trends in audio, creative freelancing, and the way people work.

The newly launched 2022 Trends Report put together results of surveys that focused on how both employers and employees view the changes that have taken place during the COVID-19 pandemic, how work styles might be changing in the near future, and the impact of incorporating audio and freelancing into any successful business strategy going into the new year.

The full 2022 Trends is available on the Voices website at

The conclusions reached in this new report are important to every person, whether employer or worker, who wants to understand the best way to prepare themselves for coming changes in work styles.

The report cites the COVID-19 pandemic as a primary factor in the major trend of working remotely because companies faced the challenge of keeping their business viable with a workforce in various stages of lockdown.

According to the conclusions in this report, working remotely is not likely to diminish over the next years. Eight hundred employers surveyed by Mercer, an HR and workplace benefits consulting firm, overwhelmingly responded that the productivity of their remote workers was the same as or higher than it was before the pandemic.

These employers also indicated that increased or unchanged creativity, productivity, and collaboration were the top three changes they noticed with remote workers.

The report explains that freelancing is increasing among skilled professionals because of the benefits of improved work-life balance, increased control over their schedules, and the stability that traditional jobs no longer have. According to survey results, 75% of freelancers said their wages remained stable during the pandemic while traditional workers were being laid off.

With over two million registered users, Voices is the top audio services marketplace in the world. It matches clients in over 160 countries with freelance talent in voice over, music, audio production, and translation.

Voices releases the trends annually report with results from research and survey feedback that illuminate industry trends, emerging technologies, and novel applications for creative talent.

In its current report for 2022, Voices cites the importance of audio in the digital world as businesses hire voice actors to represent their company brand for their digital audio advertising campaigns.

The vision of Voices states, “We believe the human voice informs, entertains, and inspires. We exist to make the world a more positive and accessible place through the power of the human voice.”

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