The Future of the Construction Industry

Hook-up Solutions Ltd releases its new machine, the Hooka. Specially designed to lift material of up to 1.7 tonnes safely and carry a payload up to 1.5 tonnes. It solves multiple construction problems with ease, saving time and money.

A new machine has emerged in the construction industry, the Hooka. Why is this of interest? Well, the construction industry isn’t used to the sight of new innovative machinery, yet alone such an effective and efficient one!

Hook-up Solutions Ltd has launched a new green machine which enables one person to pick up a 1.5 tonnes of bulk material, whether that be a pallet of stone or a 1-tonne bag of sand this machine, at your control, will pick it up and place it on its very own platform. It then uses a specially designed ‘load-lock’ system to secure the load to avoid the risk of spillage. With its slim width of 1 metre, it can glide through narrow pathways and side alleys to take it to your desired on-site location.

The Hooka reduces labour costs as wheel-barrowing aggregates, bricks and blocks is a thing of the past, in addition to this it reduces liability to an employer for personal injury claims. It also has a tracked base ensuring stability whilst on the move and stationary with minimal ground damage. The effects of this machine on the industry is monumental should building firms, and construction company introduce it to all their new and upcoming sites. It reduces costs on the business, removes tedious work for labourers and saves time for the client.

The Hooka power unit is a Honda GX630 V-Twin Petrol Engine with 20.8HP, emissions compliant, electric start and air cooled and comes with a three-year warranty. It has been designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK to maintain the highest quality both in engineering and components. This also means buyers avoid long waiting times for parts and spares, however, unlikely they will be needed.

This innovative and new piece of machinery has been exhibited at FutureScape 2015, UK Construction Week 2015 and the London Build Show, to name a few. It has been greeted with huge applause and interest demonstrating its potentially to change the way the industry works.

Should you be interested in seeing the Hooka, it will be at the Landscape Show 2016 (Battersea Park, London) on the 13th & 14th September 2016 at stand A42 or visit their site at

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