The Future Of SAP Operations, as Told by Industry Experts

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Industry experts Avantra talk about The Future Of SAP Operations and the implications that future technologies have on businesses

SAPInsider recently hosted a webinar where John Appleby, CEO of Avantra, joined Matthew Lobaugh from AWS, Chance Veasey from Velocity, and Marcello Donato from the Kayser-Roth Corporation.

The panel discussed many topics, such as the future of SAP operations, building resilience into SAP landscapes, moving processes to the cloud, and the future role of managed service providers.

One key takeaway from the webinar is when John Appleby gave his opinion on customers and the cost of SAP to businesses:

“I think we are starting to see a shift in the way customers think now. Over the last 10 years, customers were complacent over the cost and reliability of their SAP environments. However, now they are ready to invest in specific initiatives that will help the business reduce costs and improve its efficiency and agility. These are great reasons for a business to explore moving to the cloud. They have also started to look closely at the benefits of these initiatives and how it can help their business in adversities such as the pandemic.”

He continued with a note about digital transformation: “Digital transformation is no longer a nonsensical moniker to them. It has become a requirement to ensure that their business still works in the future should a COVID-like situation arise again. It’s a phenomenally exciting time.”

Avantra is the industry-leading AIOps platform for SAP automation operations. It assists companies in becoming self-healing enterprises. Avantra helps SAP customers improve business experience, performance, and compliance, as well as reduce operational costs and focus valuable resources on digital transformation.

Avantra delivers a unified operations platform, whether on-site, in the cloud, SaaS, or hybrid, for both Build and Run operations.

Founded in Switzerland in 2000, enterprises as well as managed service providers all over the world trust Avantra to provide them with unmatched intelligence and insight into their landscape health.

Read the highlights of the discussion, moderated by Tom Kelly from Avantra, or watch the webinar on Avantra’s website:

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