The Future for Magic Software System Owners is Changing

Go Up Technology releases information on how it's Free XPA Conversion from any Magic Software Version? will change things in the Magic Software space for the better. Further information can be found at

Go Up Technology brings the future directly into the hands of magic software system owners with automated migration technology and integration services. For systems currently running a Magic Software application, the patented technology by Go Up Technology can automatically convert and upgrade any magic software version to the latest Xpa or Microsoft.Net, and implement more advanced capabilities in the code. Automation lessens the risk of human error and bugs in the system. Go Up’s advanced technology enables seamless conversion, and it offers greater peace of mind and confidence, rather than the trepidation of free tools that could improperly convert or create functionality issues in the system. One of the main reasons many falter in the decision to join the .NET world, is the apprehension of the immediate shift in technological change. The brilliant (and free) solution offered by Go Up Technology is to make the transition to .NET painless and simple, by offering advancement while maintaining full system integrity in the conversion.

The 2-phase idea of this new offer is to first upgrade the magic software application to the latest Xpa version from any version of Magic Software (XPA, UniPaas, eDeveloper, and more) for advanced capabilities, while maintaining the methodology of the current application and allowing the transition to .NET a much smoother start. Go Up’s automated solution for migration occurs smoothly without interrupting any workflow. It can be used to convert the full application, and even it’s databases, while addressing the need for both to work efficiently in tandem, in order to maintain full system integrity.

Go Up’s current limited time offer for a Free Xpa Upgrade has no obligation, and there is no manual integration necessary. Go Up Technology can provide onsite installation and training, with full warranty and support provided along the way. There is also no risk with this offer, as payment is only relevant if or when the full conversion to .NET occurs. All changes happen at the company’s own pace and are catered to the company’s specific needs, with gradual acclimation to the .NET platform. Go Up’s special offer is an excellent solution for those who want to try out the advantages of the upgrade while not feeling obligated to immediately or fully convert.

Whether the needs of the system are in the Financial, Retail, Manufacturing, or the Healthcare industry, the automated conversion and optimization process can benefit the company. Go Up’s automated and streamlined modernizing solutions enable any enterprise to maximize their resources and minimize costs. Upgrading to .Net in 2 steps; Xpa and then .Net, offers a good balance between laying the foundation for the future while maintaining prime operability within the existing system. Another thing to think of is the benefits in lowering development, maintenance, and deployment costs in the long run. The .NET platform remains prime choice for building rich desktop applications.

In order to be sure about this route, let’s learn more about Go Up Technology. Every conversion project done by Go Up also includes courses and training for the development team to prepare them for the conversion process, so basically, they will have all the information and all the tools to continue and develop their application in the new .Net enviroment. Not only that, the CEO at Go Up Technology, David Recther, also explains that “Go Up Technology is the most experienced provider in magic applications conversion, our clients include some of the biggest magic software packages and customers in the world. With more than 5,000 successfully converted application and more than 500 satisfied customers you can be sure that we are your solution.”

Whether the reason may be, need for change in workflow, monetary reasons, or for unfamiliarity with the system itself, Go Up Technology can make the transition process quick, seamless and easy, by providing the needed assistance during this change. With Go Up Technology, a specialized development team will be there to help refine the transition, by aiding in the migration process as well as the acclimation to the changes. Companies should not be worried about the difficulties of navigating a newer interface, or workflow changes, having someone there who is knowledgeable and quick to provide support is a great advantage. While it might be difficult to think of an immediate and full-blown change, taking the slower path of least resistance can help with the transition to the inevitably more efficient .NET world. Go Up Technology does exactly that, with their simple, time-efficient, and cost-effective migration solution. Get ready for a taste of the future, try their limited time special offer and upgrade to Xpa for free today!

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