The Foundational Science Fiction Trilogy “The Dimensional Alliance” is Complete!

The foundational trilogy for the YA science fiction series, The Dimensional Alliance is complete. The House on Infinity Loop, Infinity on Fire and Mirrors of Infinity, by Bonnie K.T. Dillabough.

We are excited to announce the completion of the foundational science fiction trilogy of the Dimensional Alliance book series is now available to the public. This is the beginning of an ongoing science fiction adventure series spanning the multiverse.

Jenny, a twenty-something ghost-blogger from Los Angeles, opens the door to an incredible new world when her Aunt Lizzie leaves her entire estate to her in her will. The estate includes a house, a cat, and a key, and none of them are what they seem to be. Caught up in a conflict that spans universes and dimensions beyond her wildest imagining, Jenny suddenly finds that the fate of everyone and everything she holds dear are in her hands.

Jenny encounters beings out of myth and legend in her journey and discovers the origin of many of the stories Jenny thought were only fairy tales. She learns that she is also more than she thought she was and realizes that she can do and become more than she ever thought possible.

The author, Bonnie K.T. Dillabough, is happily married to her husband of over 47 years, the mother of 6 and grandmother of 17. Recently she became a great-grandmother, something she is finds somewhat puzzling. As she puts it, “I don’t think I’m old enough for that yet, but I love it!”

Bonnie wrote the first novel in the Dimensional Alliance series and published it 2 weeks before her 65th birthday. “I admit I got a late start, but I’m making up for lost time,” she says.

The three books that average nearly 400 pages each, were published over a 12 month period, something that surprises even her. She says that her characters often wake her up in the middle of the night with new story ideas. But she isn’t finished yet. She has already begun the 4th book in the series that delves into the history and adventures of Aunt Lizzie, set in the 1950s. Future plans include the continued adventures of Jenny’s companions.

“I have over a dozen new books planned at this time,” Bonnie explains. “You will notice that each of the titles has the word ‘infinity’ in it. This is a realm of infinite stories about the extensive cast of characters in the first three books. The trilogy is the base from which all future books in the series will spring.”

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