The First new Smart Soap is here.

A Michigan-based company has developed a new antifungal antibacterial Smart Soap aimed at athletes and gym-goers. The Professors Choice Bodyguard Soap eliminates sweat and germs.

A new antifungal antibacterial soap made of natural ingredients and essential oils has been launched by a Michigan-based company. The Professors Choice Bodyguard Soap is designed to offer people products that keep people fresh and clean while also providing improved hygiene. Whether they are athletes that frequently work out, people who have long days at work, or active individuals.

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The newly launched range of natural products keep people feeling fresh throughout the day and rejuvenate people after working out. The products are environmentally friendly and free from harsh chemicals and dyes.

Athletes, gym-goers, and people who work out at home can benefit from the range as it protects people from harmful bacteria and fungus associated with gym equipment and contact sports. Whether that is common bacteria found on cleats, the ball, or mats, Professors Choice Bodyguard Soap is designed to keep users safe.

People who take part in contact sports such as soccer, football, and martial arts may benefit from using the range as it washes away sweat, bacteria, and germs transferred during contact. The long-lasting essentials oil soap bars are made up of natural ingredients including eucalyptus oil, cinnamon bark, clove oil, and rosemary oil.

While many people assume essential oils are all the same, the team say some types of oils have up to 100 different strands and compounds. With the right mix, essential oil compounds can become 30 times stronger and destroy the protective layer some fungus and bacteria contain.

The combination of oils offered within the products can relieve sore muscles and joint pain, help heal cuts and burns, and support healthy respiratory function. Clove oil is known to deodorize and reduce odor, while rosemary oil promotes healthy circulation around the body while also reducing stress and anxiety. In addition, cinnamon bark has health properties that can calm dry skin and address acne, rashes, and infections.

A spokesperson said: “Olive oil-based soap provides many benefits to athletes as well as a source of energy to the body. It also offers powerful antioxidant properties that can repair damaged skin.”

“The anti-inflammatory aspects of the products can help to heal skin abrasions and rashes while also leaving skin feeling clean and moisturized,” they added.

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