The First-ever Platform to Find Authorized Sellers, with 6000+ Brands announces they'll feature more than 11000 Categories in over 200 Countries

OKYD today unveiled the world’s first online platform to identify authorized sellers in B2B relationship. The OKYD Business Platform helps buyers, sellers, and business professionals to connect globally, and explore the opportunities through 6000+ brands, 11000+ categories in 200+ countries.

According to Wasim Nagy, spokesperson for the company, it's all about creating a better economic ecosystem. "Building a well-structured supply chain practice is essential for getting better economic ecosystem. OKYD connects business entities and professionals through the most reliable, secured and authentic platform to achieve business success. In this way, OKYD brings a safe and confident B2B environment."

Nagy goes on to explain how OKYD helps consumers find qualified leads. "OKYD makes a difference by bringing authentic and qualified leads in the B2B relationship. The platform consists of a Personal Directory which focuses on business professionals, Business Directory which creates business visibility and authorized sellers directory which shows the authorized sellers of a brand."

OKYD helps buyers by generating qualified and authentic leads for procurement teams. Dealing with authorized channels help buyers to plan their procurement, get the needed advice, avail the after sales support and builds a future countable business. OKYD assures safe and easy procurement process.

However, one has to think about the sellers as well. Nagy explains, "Genuine buyers are looking for genuine sellers. Higher conversions happen, only when a seller is authorized as well as illustrated with all his capacity. When buyers search for a brand that a seller is authorized to sell, OKYD shows a list of qualified and authentic leads. It helps to increase visibility and trustworthiness of sellers with the buyers."

Nagy goes on to explain that OKYD changes a crowded B2B process to an organized, effective way to recognize authorized sellers. "A simple search for a defined brand name or a relevant category in OKYD creates magic. All on track, everything approved, that’s how OKYD starts a new beginning on a wave of endless possibilities."

Often, business opportunities come from knowing the right people in the business. As Nagy says, "Getting associated with a bad business opportunity can be expensive and demoralizing, but the truth is it happens all the time. The best strategy is to understand what to search for and where to go to find an effective opportunity for business. Finding good business opportunities aren't going to mean anything if you can't recognize it. That’s where OKYD gives a hand-to find and perceive the business."

It is difficult to recognize an authorized brand, seller or business online. This scenario makes the working of OKYD important. OKYD is born from question to find assured sellers in B2B relationship. There was never one straight answer because the processes differ for different businesses. OKYD is a resource for businesses to navigate through the sometimes-confusing world of B2B transaction.

About OKYD:

OKYD envisions to create trusted networking of businesses & professionals. The concept of OKYD is to show verified companies and authorized brands. OKYD distribute fairness to the brand owners, sellers, professionals and everyone involved in B2B relation. In total it’s all about finding and becoming authorized.

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