The Exploiter Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Fund Story Of Extraordinary Life

The Exploiter has walked everyone from telemarketers to debt collectors to multinational corporations into a trap that made him a fortune, and now wants to share his methods.

The Exploiter claims to have made millions exploiting targets people want to see punished. Positioning himself as something of a more selfish Robin Hood, he has walked telemarketers, debt collectors, online casinos and even multinational corporations into traps finding vulnerabilities to exploit for each one. Now, finally, exploit specialist offers a crowdfunding opportunity to tell his story.

The trailer for the story speaks of three rules. The first, find targets that people despise and want to see punished (like the telemarketers and debt collectors). The second is to identify targets with too much money to care about being exploited on a smaller scale. The third seems increasingly important, ensuring that targets can’t find you. The unexpected fourth sets up the cautionary tale of the story: choose targets wisely.

Exploit specialist tells his story after 10 years, and the story goes from humble beginnings to high stakes as the Exploiter goes from rags to riches to over-reaching the format of his own design and being hunted because of it. The story will be both breathtaking and inspiring for anyone looking for a controversial way to work toward a fortune.

A spokesperson for The Exploiter explained, “This is an incredible and unique story, and one that will thrill and delight audiences as well as telling a cautionary tale about ambition, and the double-edged sword of unconventional success. Following in the footsteps of films like The Wolf Of Wall Street, this film will show the true story of a very different protagonist, who saw his life spiral out from a job in Subway to being wanted by international hitmen in the short span of a couple of years. This can only happen with the help of backers however, so visit the Kickstarter to bring this project to life.”

About The Exploiter: The Exploiter is an individual that wishes to remain anonymous, who has exploited the ignorance and illegal practices of businesses and individuals small and larger, harmless and dangerous to amass a personal fortune and now lives hunted by both sides of the law. His extraordinary true story is in the making, and seeks kickstarter funding to see it brought to life.

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