The Evil Reddit Magician Special Ben Adkins Marketing Tactics Course Launched

A brand new Reddit marketing and promotion 5-module training course, The Evil Reddit Magician Special, with detailed, premier and proven strategies, tactics, case studies and advice on how to effectively grow the positive exposure of a brand, product or service on Reddit, has been launched.

The Evil Reddit Magician Special, a premier Reddit marketing training course with expert advice, strategies and post blueprints to help increase the positive exposure and effectively promote a brand, product or service on Reddit, has been launched.

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The Evil Reddit Magician Special is a training course developed by Ben Adkins and Sophia Mugnani to help business owners or internet marketers diversify and modernize their online marketing efforts by taking advantage and leveraging the traffic, marketing and brand or product promotion potential of Reddit.

The newly launched 5-module training course covers what Reddit is, how it works and its unique user base along with numerous Reddit case studies with some of the most common mistakes by big and small businesses on Reddit and the consequences of that negative exposure along with examples of some of the biggest winners in Reddit marketing or promotion and the subsequent benefits.

Multiple strategies and extensive advice on finding the ideal sub-reddits for a specific product or brand and a tested Reddit content marketing blueprint, detailing how to structure the content in a manner that appeals to the Reddit users and attracts the up votes necessary for positive and enhanced exposure along with a final Reddit Post Success Formula module tailored to educate the business owners and marketers on how to run their Reddit marketing campaigns effortlessly.

More information on The Evil Reddit Magician Special and the strategies or advice for enhanced and positive brand or product Reddit exposure featured in the 5 modules along with multiple facts on the highly popular social network and details on three success examples can be consulted on the website link provided above or at

The founders, Ben Adkins and Sophia Mugnani, explain that “Reddit is one of the top 35 website on the planet, with 172 million visits per month, and one of the most passionate social networks you’re ever going to find. So, why aren’t people using Reddit every day to promote their e-stores, amazon listings or products and services? Because Reddit users make up a community that is like no other and if you don’t watch it, they will eat you alive. I this course we will prepare you to benefit from what can be a game changer in terms of your marketing if you master it”.

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