The End of the Overweight Body in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

Vision PT Randwick offers a guaranteed weight loss and fitness program that is more personalised and individual with a focus on long term healthy eating and fitness. Further information can be found at

Goodbye Starvation Diets: Vision Personal Training Randwick has been offering successful weight loss and fitness programs to their clients for over 6 years now through current owners, Stephanie O’Brien, Amanda and Wes Doyle. They guarantee that if a client sticks with their program for 9 weeks but doesn’t achieve their goals, they will receive their money back.

This is a big promise to make but the Vision Personal Training Randwick team have been meeting this goal for years now. A guaranteed weight loss and fitness program promises to shake things up in an industry that has often been known for broken promises.

“I was overweight and unhappy with how I looked.” said Sue W, a Vision Personal Training Randwick client. “Vision is an all-encompassing package and the value is in the personal attention.”

Most other personal training and weight loss studios focus on exercise, exercise and more exercise as their main avenue to losing weight. “We focus on eating foods that will actually help you achieve your goals for the long term,” says Amanda Doyle of Vision PT Randwick.

Amanda Doyle continues. “Our aim is to support our clients to stay motivated, develop long term, healthy eating habits and make fitness fun and enjoyable as well as something that they look forward to being part of. We do this because we believe that many people find losing weight very hard on their own and the amount of conflicting advice can be confusing. But, it can be life changing when we see our clients start to eat properly, feel more energetic and look and feel better about themselves. Ultimately, we knew our personalised programs were going to be of huge benefit to our customers because they actually work and last for the long term. The Vision Personal Training Randwick program isn’t just about empty promises. That’s why we guarantee results. We guarantee to stand by you as long as you stay with the program.”

Vision Personal Training Randwick in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs was established in 2004 with the current owners growing the business over the last 6 years.

As Amanda says, “The difference between our weight loss and fitness program is that our well established and discreet gym allows you privacy while you work out as well as a warm, friendly and supportive environment. We have a large number of female personal trainers who understand the unique challenges that women face when returning to their usual weight after childbirth as well as the social pressures that most women feel when it comes to their weight.”

Amanda Doyle says: “It’s not all hard work, we like to reward ourselves after our Saturday work out with a delicious and healthy breakfast with trainers and clients. The Saturday group session with breakfast is very popular and a great way for clients to meet, motivate and inspire each other.”

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