The eCommerce Queen Lise Gottlieb Live At Carniege Hall “Living Legends 2019”

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Lise Gottlieb, the "eCommerce Queen of Denmark" will be sharing the stage LIVE AT CARNEGIE HALL with legendary entrepreneur Martha Stewart, Ice T & Coco, Jerry Greenfield (Ben & Jerry’s), Dan Kennedy (Magnetic Marketing), Hal Elrod (The Miracle Morning), Princess Maryanne Parker, and others.

Copenhagen, Denmark, 8/27/2019 – Lise Gottlieb, the eCommerce Queen of Denmark, will be sharing the stage with the legendary speakers at the Living Legends 2019 that will be held on September 26-28, 2019 at Carnegie Hall, New York, NY. The event as the biggest star-studded award show for celebrity entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, consultants, authors, lawyers, and more is where she will share her best advice for successful entrepreneurship.

“Entertainment, content, and networking on a level you’ve never experienced,” says WABC Radio, New York.

The Living Legends is a two-in-one powerful event that is loaded with the top entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, authors, lawyers, doctors, real, real estate agents, and other new media powerhouses. Along with Lise Gottlieb are the legendary speakers such as Martha Stewart, Dan Kennedy, Jerry Greenfield, Ice-T & Coco Austin, Michael Gerber, Steve Larsen, Walter O’Brien, HRH Maryanne Parker, Dylan Howard, Hal Elrod, and more.

Meanwhile, the Living Legends 2019 will be hosted by Clint Arthur, which will be divided into three days. During the Day 1 and 2, the participants will get the up-to-date strategies, business advice, media tip, and latest trends. Then, on the third day, which is the main event award show, the awards for the six categories will be presented to the winning nominees for Best Marketer, Best Entrepreneur, Best Author, Best Coach, Best Speaker, and Best New Media Personality. More info and tickets about Living Legends 2019 can be found HERE!

The 2019 Lifetime Achievement Honorees is among the most anticipated part of the award show. The recipients of this award are Dan Kennedy, Martha Stewart, and Michael Gerber. Besides, the participants are also excited to hear the best advice on how to become a successful entrepreneur. Through her sales and marketing training and coaching, Gottlieb has helped many companies, small business owners, and entrepreneurs to double or even quadruple their profits.

Lise Gottlieb is a marketing expert, award-winning business coach, international bestselling author, Harvard speaker, and serial entrepreneur. She is known for her proven business strategies and selfless teaching about hard work, discipline, and self-motivation to achieve a “wholistic” lifestyle and personal and financial independence. One of her greatest passions is mentoring and coaching her clients from different parts of the world.

In the upcoming Living Legends 19, most participants expect for new and best advice in the field of entrepreneurship.

“Living Legends 19 is the definition of “BIG TIME.” Miss it and miss out – BIG TIME,” Dan Kennedy expresses.

About Lise Gottlieb:

Lise Gottlieb is a sales and marketing expert who specializes in helping entrepreneurs and small businesses creating successful and profitable businesses with online marketing and branding strategies.

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