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Find My Bud offers listing advertisements for cannabis dispensaries and feature dispensary products and online business tools that help dispensaries manage their members and take online applications and orders along with helping the local cannabis customer to find the nearest and most pertinent marijuana dispensary.

Searching around local communities to find a cannabis dispensary that is reputable and that can serve top-notch cannabis can be a struggle. Google doesn’t cut it and neither does the Yellow Pages; there’s only one site dedicated to helping people find local marijuana dispensaries in their city; Find My Bud!

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Find My Bud is the premium online directory helping people from all over the country find the weed dispensaries they need. From Alaska to Florida and everywhere in between, Find My Bud is the only source anyone will ever need to find a pot dispensary that is right for them.

For Dispensaries

Find My Bud makes it easy for local dispensaries all over the country to list their products and services for potential customers to see. Find My Bud’s easy to use website offers dispensary listings and features dispensary products and a wide range of online business tools that help dispensaries manage their members and take online applications and orders. Local marijuana dispensaries can simply sign up for a membership, choose an advertising plan and then choose an area for their ads to be displayed. Find My Bud makes it easy for businesses to be successful connecting patients with their suppliers.

Advertisers enjoy a wide range of professional business tools they can use to grow their business:

-Accept online purchase orders from patients directly.

-Print patient online purchase orders for receipts on deliveries or in store pickup.

-Patients’ history at a glance.

-Monitor and track all product sales.

-Create in-house point-of-sales purchase orders.

-Easy and fast online member enrollment.

-Keep membership documents safe.

-Upload and store all business documents.

-Send rich text email to members and groups.

For Visitors

Find My Bud helps local cannabis customers find local marijuana dispensaries they can rely on for quality products and advice. The site also offers some handy recipes, online tools and the latest cannabis news stories that are relevant to their lifestyle. Find a bud dispensary, catch up on cannabis in the news and maybe even bake something delicious tonight; visit Find My Bud today!

Find My Bud is an all in one, exclusive source of cannabis suppliers that can locate a weed supplier in any given city and metro area location. As a visitor to the site, signing up and finding a cannabis dispensary is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Just pick a favorite dispensary and click the ‘Join’ button.

2. Complete and upload the requested documentation.

3. Start ordering cannabis products the same day.

Only with Find My Bud, a customer can store patient documents, order medical marijuana online and keep track of their favorite dispensaries all at the click of a button. The online platform is available on iOS and Android mobile devices making finding the supplier needed on the go a snap. Join Find My Bud today and see why it is the number one choice in online cannabis dispensary directories.

Contact Us

Find My Bud is on Facebook and Twitter; bookmark each page to stay updated and informed to learn more about Find My Bud and how it helps both dispensaries and customers connect, get in touch with email:, telephone: 949-438-1283 or online:

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