The Durango Dispensary Should Weed Be Legalized Cannabis Survey Launched

A new poll has been launched by The Durango Dispensary, an educational cannabis site, so visitors can weigh in on the heated issue of whether or not the drug should be legalized. They also urge their visitors to discuss the topic on social media.

The Durango Dispensary has announced the launch of a new poll on marijuana and whether or not it should be legalized or kept as a schedule 1 drug. The DEA recently decided to maintain its status as schedule 1, despite growing support across the USA for it to become fully legalized. As the election of America’s 45th president draws closer, the legality of marijuana has become a headline issue, with 58% of respondents in Gallup’s national poll arguing it should be legal nationwide. Now The Durango Dispensary is asking its visitors to weigh in on the issue by talking part in the survey and discussing the topic on social media.

More information can be found on The Durango Dispensary website at:

The Durango Dispensary is a Colorado based marijuana seller that seeks to advise customers and visitors on the benefits of cannabis. They explain that even through the use of it is now legal in Colorado, people still don’t fully understand it.

It goes on to emphasise that understanding the drug is of utmost importance when there is so much misinformation out there. Earlier this month, the DEA released a report detailing why it would not change marijuana from its current schedule 1 status. The schedule 1 category features drugs that have been deemed to have no medical benefit and are therefore illegal to use. The DEA mentioned the potential for abuse when using cannabis and the still unknown risks of using it as a reason for not changing its classification.

However there are high profile figures out there who disagree with this, and it is clearly evident that cannabis can be used effectively in a medicinal way. Hillary Clinton has stated that if she wins the presidential election, then changes may be coming to the law that will see cannabis become a schedule 2 drug. This is based on the idea that the drug does have medical benefits and will allow researchers to further study it for medicinal properties.

The Durango Dispensary is keen to find out what its visitors think on the heated issue, and has made an easy to use survey to collect opinions from the public. In order to fill it in, visitors to the site just have to click on the Opinions Matters section of the homepage.

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