The Dawn Project Seeks Crypto-Enthusiasts for Early Participation Opportunity

Dawn Project looking for early participators for their new Tendermint-based blockchain

Dawn Project has a limited number of validator slots available for crypto-enthusiasts and IT professionals interested in next-generation blockchain technology. Their new Tendermint-based blockchains are being built from the ground up and the project is seeking collaboration with qualified candidates.

Interested potential validators can find out more about the project by visiting the website’s whitepaper:

Dawn Project has plans to incorporate several sought-after features, including:

* Open-source hardware that is free from surveillance and vendor lock-ins

* Tendermint-based blockchain that sells open source, privacy centered hardware

* Token holder get paid real-time dividends on the profit of the hardware sales

* An uncensored and immutable social blogging platform

* An encrypted and privacy-centered messaging client

The Dawn Project will be creating application specific blockchains for all of these features. They are looking for professionals and enthusiasts to run validator nodes on the Dawn network. The validators spots can be bought by contacting the Dawn team personally. Once the first ten validator spots have been sold, the team will launch their first chain.

Selected validators will be expected to run their nodes professionally and with the great care. The network will be paying most of the created tokens to the top validator nodes. This would suggest that running a validator node will be a highly profitable venture. The nodes will verify and validate all of the application-specific chains and tokens.

Jan Schets, CEO, is eager to find the right match between the Dawn Project and early participants. In particular,

“Dawn Project is looking for practical collaboration that will allow us to launch the Dawn Project blockchain. We have implemented a special incentive plan to reward these early validators with special pricing for helping to shape development and grow the Dawn network. This is an incredible opportunity for the right people. We calculate that the first validator spots will be filled quickly. “

When asked what it is exactly that the validators do, he replied:

“Validators keep the network honest. They are comparable to witness nodes in Graphene. It allows us to use a delegated proof of stake, which increases speed and scalability of the network. Our nodes are expected to have fast and reliable internet connects, but maintenance of them should be minimal. As a validator, you’ll get paid as long as you remain in the pool. You do that by keeping the machines fast, reliable, and well-networked.”

Qualified candidates can find out more and apply directly on the website,

Release ID: 159391