The Darker Side of Divorce and Keeping Your Family Safe

Thomas Family Law of Denver, Colorado releases a controversial article titled "DIVORCE SAFETY ISSUES", which may cause upset amongst some couples and families involved in a divorce proceeding. More information and the article itself can be found at

Thomas Family Law Group of Denver, Colorado, have a new blog site and just released a potentially controversial blog article entitled “DIVORCE SAFETY ISSUES”, bringing some cause for concern, as the article may upset some couples who are undergoing a divorce… and may as well cause distress potentially for other family members, and even close friends.

The new blog article is just under 500 words in length and examines some of the low points of divorce. Specifically, the article covers safety concerns for all parties involved when a separation or divorce is imminent. The article aims to provide guidance as to what safety concerns may arise and how best to deal with them. Anyone who is contemplating a separation or divorce needs to read this short article.

Causing undue stress is not necessarily the intent of this article, but the subject matter is, after all, wrought with emotion and thus controversy may arise in dealing with it. The fact that a large number of marriages do not withstand the test of time is what it is… the fact that some come to an abusive end should never be…. but the reality is it happens more often than we would think.

Below is a portion of the article, which neatly exemplifies the controversial element:

Many times, when a client initially meets with an attorney, they reveal that in a relationship headed for a divorce, legal separation, or an allocation of parental responsibilities, that there have been incidents of domestic abuse and violence, sometimes extreme. When there is a real fear that the abuse and/or violence may not end, and even escalate, especially with kids in the picture…. the need for legal intervention may be at times even a matter of life and death.

A spokesperson for Thomas Family Law, Sergei Thomas , says “While no attorney can guarantee the safety of a client or other family members, there are steps that can be taken legally to help client’s feel secure in making the decision to leave a relationship or to take on child custody issues.”

Although our “DIVORCE SAFETY ISSUES” might be an unsettling topic it represents the harsh reality that most legal breakups are acrimonious, on some level.

We believe it is more important for us to to be frank versus avoiding said topic, which often is notoriously difficult to do. No one is served by avoiding the harsh reality that may exist. When children are involved the degree of importance is of course amplified.

As a former prosecutor, Sergei Thomas is well versed in recognizing issues of domestic violence and abuse and has the courtroom experience to seek protection of clients to help free them from these unhealthy relationships.

Thomas Family Law has stated the future aims for the new blog website are to assure the reader that they are not alone in dealing with emotionally-wrought challenges upon a break-down in a relationship… even when the breakup is between ‘good people.’ Emotions can wreak havoc among even the best of us, and bring out sides in our personalities we never knew existed. Sometimes we need protection from ourselves. Thomas Family Law cares and brings a compassionate yet strong ally to any such situation.

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