“The Dark Horse” Weighs in on Civil Unrest and The Global Pandemic – Al Bartell

Boss Uncaged Host S. A. Grant conducts an Interview with Al Bartell "The Dark Horse" Independent Candidate 2020 U.S. Senate. We dive into discussions about the Current Civil Unrest, The Global Pandemic, and The Growth Strategy To Recovery.

Boss Uncaged Host S. A. Grant conducts an Interview with Al Bartell “The Dark Horse” Independent Candidate 2020 U.S. Senate. We dive into discussions about the Current civil unrest, the global pandemic, and the growth strategy to recover coming out of such devastating circumstances.

For small business owners and entrepreneurs, civil and human rights stakeholders, and families/communities across America interested in learning more about the challenges of our Current Civil Unrest, The Global Pandemic, and A Growth Strategy To Recovery. Independent Candidate 2020 U.S. Senate Special Election in Georgia: Al Bartell, aka “The Dark Horse” – BOSS UNCAGED PODCAST – S1E9 can be listened to as an exclusive podcast for free at: Listen To Interview Now.

In addition to answering questions about the Current Civil Unrest in America, U.S. Senate Candidate Al Bartell also discusses the impact of The Global Pandemic during the podcast. One of the most critical topics explored during the podcast is A Growth Strategy To Recovery — which few small business owners/entrepreneurs, civil/human rights stakeholders, or families and their communities are aware of.

The topics covered in this informative, timely podcast include:

Global Pandemic – The plight of small businesses has been a challenge for decades. The pandemic put small businesses on the front burner because of the fallout from the economic shutdown to follow health practices stemming from the Coronavirus. The service sector, the spirit of service, has gone from the American government. When the pandemic hit, the full support of our healthcare system — particularly for the elderly and underserved communities — was not there. We didn’t have adequate testing. We didn’t have the distribution of needed first responders’ equipment. We didn’t have the basic setup for masks and other tests. Nothing was in place, because it was viewed by Business Management government theory as unnecessary. Our public safety has suffered. Funding has been pulled from police departments. They’re only used as a workforce distribution system, instead of training and developing police officers in the spirit of service, the spirit of community. The business management mentality has hijacked our relationship to the government as a service like it once was. It’s beginning to take its toll on the American people and the American spirit. It can no longer just be a passive act by the American government that has small businesses and entrepreneurs be the backbone of America, as the nation emerges in the 21st century from this pandemic.

Civil Unrest – The glaring impact of civil unrest has been devastating: the breaking of windows, burning of buildings, and the looting of small businesses. However, what that puts on display is our government, and many of our philanthropic stakeholders have just been passive in supporting and sustaining small businesses. Our government and our philanthropic stakeholders have not provided support for people who want to be entrepreneurs and go into business. The American Way has been to “Get A Good Education & Get A Good Job,” as opposed to getting a good education, getting excellent skills, and going into business. U.S. Senate Candidate Al Bartell discusses having urban, suburban, and rural communities establish a defined set of practices to encourage and sustain small business development and entrepreneurial leadership and development. There must be resources from local, state, and federal government, as well as the commitment from investors in the philanthropic community. Establishing Small Business Development Centers, Bartell shares, will sustain and empower entrepreneurs, small business owners, and people who want to make money from their craft, their way of life, their interests. America must — and can — put a system in place now.

For more information, and to register for free access to the full podcast, interested small business owners and entrepreneurs, civil/human rights stakeholders, and families/communities can visit: http://go.sagrant.com/albartell.

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