The Cover Guy Works with Food Banks Canada to Alleviate Food Insecurity

The Cover Guy company, a Canadian hot tub covers and spa accessories company has announced a continued commitment to work with Food Banks Canada to alleviate food insecurity across the nation.

The Cover Guy, a spa cover company, has announced it will continue its commitment to raise funds for those facing food insecurity across Canada. The company has dedicated a portion of its profits to Food Banks Canada, a charitable organization dedicated to helping people across the nation living with food insecurity.

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The Cover Guy’s announcement of continued support in feeding the hungry is aimed at inspiring other commercial interests across the nation to alleviate this national issue. The Cover Guy completed its summer initiative to help support local communities across Canada who were deeply impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. In a partnership with Food Banks Canada, The Cover Guy donated $5 from every cover sold in Canada for two months in support of this program.

The Cover Guy will now continue it supports into the fall and cold winter months to relieve hungry Canadians in collaboration with Food Banks Canada who provides national leadership to relieve hunger today and prevent hunger tomorrow. Food Banks Canada is a national charitable organization dedicated to helping Canadians living with food insecurity. This organization supports a network of Provincial Associations, affiliate food banks, and food agencies that work at the community level to relieve hunger. A national spokesman for CoverGuy shared, “This program is very near to our hearts”.

Food Banks Canada’s work is focused on maximizing collective impact, strengthening local capacity, and reducing the need for food banks. The Food Banks Canada network is made up of Provincial Associations and approximately 650 affiliated food banks.

The Cover Guy is one of the original online Hot Tub Cover stores in North America. They have been Providing custom quality Hot tub Covers and Hot Tub Cover Lifters to go with them since 2004. Along with hot tub covers or spa covers and lifters The Cover Guy also provides all hot tub filters, chemicals, and accessories needed for hot tubs and spas.

A company manager shared, “We take pride in providing our customers hot tub covers that last longer, and perform better than any other spa covers available. The quality of our materials and workmanship is second to none and all the spa covers are designed to withstand even the harshest weather.”

The announcement of a continued partnership between these two entities is aimed at helping more people overcome food insecurity.

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