The Cost of Cremation in Jacksonville, Florida and the Surrounding Areas

A Dignified Alternative-Hatcher Cremations is here to help bring closure. A Dignified Alternative Hatcher Cremations is known for the comforting, meaningful funeral services the team provides,

Cost of Cremation in 2021

After a loved one passes away, those left behind are tasked with handling the funeral and burial process. With the average cost of a traditional funeral ranging between $7,000 and $12,000, many families consider cremation. A Dignified Alternative-Hatcher Cremations helps those who have recently lost a loved one find the best service options and navigate the cremation process.

The cost of cremations in the United States typically ranges from $1,000 to $7,000.

Depending on a families location and the additional services a family may request, plus the provider that a family choose to work with, the cost for cremation in the United States, varies widely.

Cremation itself is a straightforward process, but a family’s wishes play a major role in determining the final cost. Keep in mind that adding on services such as viewings, a memorial service, and witness cremation will increase the cost of a cremation.

Direct Cremation Costs Are Lower Than Average Funeral Costs

The most cost-effective option is direct cremation. On average, in the United States, direct cremations cost $1,000. This low-cost cremation service allows one to forgo high funeral costs while still paying respect to a loved one.

Direct cremation prices will usually include basic services such as a loved one’s transportation to the crematorium, a cremation casket, the cremation process, and the return of a loved one’s ashes in a simple container. Costs for cremation also include filing the necessary paperwork and permits.

The cremation provider one chooses handles all aspects of the process from start to finish. However, with direct cremation, one typically forgo optional add-ons such as embalming, body preparation, viewing and visitation, as well as any graveside services. Since direct cremation is such a simple process, cremation costs are usually much lower than they would be if a family choses to work with a funeral home.

A Dignified Alternative-Hatcher Cremations’ Affordable Cremation Starts at $795.00

A Dignified Alternative-Hatcher Cremations prides themselves on working with families to provide a quality funeral service befitting their loved one. Every family deserves a meaningful funeral service that fits into their budget. A Dignified Alternative-Hatcher Cremations invite families to compare, not only prices, but service, flexibility, and facilities. This firm has already done the shopping for families and assure the community that A Dignified Alternative-Hatcher Cremations has affordable options available to the residents of Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas.

A Dignified Alternative-Hatcher Cremations Offers the Complete Package

If one wants additional optional services, working with the funeral directors at A Dignified Alternative-Hatcher Cremations may be ideal for family and friends.

A Dignified Alternative-Hatcher Cremations will direct and coordinate all aspects of the cremation process, which is helpful and comforting to many in their time of grief.

A Dignified Alternative-Hatcher Cremations handles the paperwork and supplies you with copies of the death certificate. They then walk families through the options, including extras like the urn, keepsakes, embalming and preparation for viewing and visiting hours, a funeral or graveside service, and publishing an obituary.

A Dignified Alternative-Hatcher Cremations will also handle the safe transportation and storage of a loved one’s body and cremated remains at every stage.

Serving the Community with Grace & Compassion

To learn more about the cost of cremation, contact us this firm at (904) 260-2522. A Dignified Alternative-Hatcher Cremations can help one understand the cremation process, prices, and walk families and friends through the process step-by-step. A Dignified Alternative-Hatcher Cremations is here to help bring closure to the deceased and their family. A Dignified Alternative Hatcher Cremations is known for the comforting, meaningful funeral services the team provides. Debra wrote recently in a five-star review, “The staff was very helpful and courteous in this time of need. Would recommend them to anyone who needs their services.”

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