The Cleaning Service Industry Poised For Growth in 2015

A report compiled by the ESFS 'Easy, Simple, Fast Service' website, shows that the cleaning industry is anticipated to continue to grow in 2015, with revenues likely to reach over 40 billion dollars.

A report compiled by the ESFS ‘Easy, Simple, Fast Service’ website, shows that the cleaning industry is anticipated to continue to grow in 2015, with revenues likely to reach over 40 billion dollars.  

“The Cleaning Industry is an often overlooked but important part of the economy, and it is encouraging to see it continue to grow year on year,” said director Matt Aird. “There are a lot of other businesses dependant on these services, and as a labor-intensive industry they prove a vital source of jobs for well over 800,000 people in states right across the country. We are pleased to support this industry on ESFS, where we have a section of the site dedicated to giving customers first-class access to cleaning services across America.”

“The ESFS Cleaning services section has the simple goal of connecting business managers, commercial owners and homeowners with pre-screened professionals, giving people the opportunity to get competitive quotes for services tailored to their requirements.”

The Cleaning Industry has been resilient despite the economy, and has been experiencing slow but steady growth over the last few years particularly in key areas such as cleaning for the health care industry. There are now over 50,000 cleaning services operating in the US and around 9,000 carpet and upholstery companies, with total revenues of over 40 billion dollars. While the fifty largest companies in the industry account for around 30% of the revenue, new research shows almost 8% of the people who work in cleaning are self-employed, a figure that is likely to grow. Self Employed people are more likely to provide residential cleaning services, while large companies do the majority of industrial and commercial cleaning that requires specalized skills or larger employee-bases.

There remain challenges to the industry, and not all areas are growing consistently. Improving tenancy rates in offices after several years of low occupancy in some areas are important to the success of the commercial cleaning sectors, which are dependent on business from offices and commercial buildings. The residential cleaning industry also had a few years of patchy growth due to pressures on income and home values, but it is anticipated that as incomes improve, residents are more likely to engage services like carpet cleaning and maid services.


ESFS stands for Easy Simple Fast Service and is an online service dedicated to providing customers with no obligation quotes for a variety of services including home repair and additions, interior design and decoration, cleaning, roofing and construction from pre-screened local contractors.

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