The Cactus Outlet Named Best Place to Buy Cactus Online by Urdesignmag

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The Cactus Outlet, an online plant retailer based in Tucson, AZ, announces that it has been recognized as the best place to buy cacti online by Urdesignmag.

This Tucson Arizona based company, which ships products nationwide, has announced its designation as the premier online cacti retailer because of its extensive collection of both large and hard-to-find cacti.

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Along with being named the best place to buy cactus online, The Cactus Outlet was also recognized by Urdesignmag for its affordable pricing, free shipping, and superior customer service. The company’s collection of cacti and succulents are all raised naturally outdoors – in Southern Arizona, giving the cacti an opportunity to grow in their native habitat. As a result, the store’s cacti are typically healthier and stronger than those found in other nurseries and garden centers.

Cacti are the most well-known example of succulents, a group of botanical families with a market value of over $3 billion in the U.S. and growing at an annual rate of approximately 17%. Native cacti in the U.S. are concentrated in six southwestern states, most notably Texas and Arizona, which feature 91 and 83 different species respectively. Mistletoe Cacti are the only cacti not indigenous to the Americas and can be found in Asia and Africa.

The company offers dozens of varieties from six succulent families, including Agave, Aloe, Euphorbia, Prickly Pear, Barrel, and Columnar Cacti. Strictly speaking, some of these plants are succulents, rather than cacti: not all succulents are cacti, but all cacti are succulents. The existence of leaves, for example, distinguishes agaves from cacti. These plants are equally suited for container gardening or used in landscape applications with proper climate conditions.

Whether in a decorative pot or planted in the ground, The Cactus Outlet’s dramatic columnar cacti, which feature different colors and growth patterns, are very popular. The Mexican Fence Post and Peruvian Apple, for example, offer grand elegance, while the Curiosity and Golden Torch cacti offer splashes of color to integrate with the customer’s space.

All plants are professionally packaged in bubble wrap and tape to ensure a bare minimum of damaged orders and to provide additional protection while planting.

The Cactus Outlet began as a plant nursery business in 2000, when it started selling cactus for sale online through eBay. Over the subsequent years, the company grew both its nursery and its U.S. customer base. Now it offers beautiful, large landscape-ready cacti specimens that are rarely found in garden centers outside of the Southwest United States. The company is dedicated to providing only premium quality cacti to its customers with 100% transparency about their upbringing and sourcing.

One recent client commented: “Love our new cactus. They have a great selection of cacti. The staff is very knowledgeable and passionate about their cacti. It was very easy to order and delivery was done in a timely manner. I will order again. I recommend the Cactus Outlet.”

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