The Cabin Office Company Will Forever Change the Way You Work From Home

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The Cabin Office Company is forever changing the way you work from home. They build beautiful cabin-style backyard studios that can be used as a home office, fitness studio or more.

The Cabin Office Company is helping people rethink the way they work from home.

Guelph, ON: Imagine, the work from home revolution of 2020 where people’s dream of working from home became a reality (amidst a pandemic no less). Shortly thereafter people realized that working from home wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. It usually starts with “the kitchen table takeover”, followed by the “cramped quarters makeshift office”, then the dog needing your attention, the kids (We love them but they aren’t great for focus or productivity) and the list goes on of distractions and downfalls of working from home. It’s no wonder why the population was divided on whether work from home was what they wanted after all. Enter: The Cabin Office Company. The Cabin Office Company focuses on building backyard studios to give people the flexibility to work from home, separate from their house (and distractions).

TCOC uses quality, sustainable materials, and provides a turnkey, upscale, backyard office solution. The company to date has 18 units built or in progress, helping its customers create their best work-life balance. It turned out, that many didn’t stop at offices, they used it as “flex space”. It would be their office by day but also a yoga studio, gym, meditation Center, and even nap zones outside of work time. It doesn’t just improve your workday, it improves your work-life balance.

On top of that, The Cabin Office Company focuses on strengthening the communities it serves by giving back 1% of sales to local charities.

TCOC also focuses on incorporating green building technology into its studios, and believes it’s work-from-home solution will have a positive environmental impact. “Each unit represents a workplace at home, meaning 1 less car is on the road, and 1 less space in a traditional office setting” said Mr. Reid. “That equates to fewer emissions from vehicles as well as from heating and cooling for office buildings. More intangibly, it means a richer life for that person working from home, who now has more freedom and flexibility.”

TCOC customer, Katie, describes her work from home life as drastically improved: “I love working from my Cabin Office. I have unbelievable focus, I have never felt so productive and I really enjoy having some separation between my work and home life. The commute is the best part – It is only 12 seconds!”. Asked about the often isolated experience of working from home, she says “I was worried about it at first, but I’ve found that I’ve gotten to know my neighbours much better, and now feel like I have a much stronger connection with my community.

Owner, Steve Reid, says “I came up with the idea in March 2020. I was working for my former employer from a desk in our baby’s room. When she needed to nap, I moved to our unfinished basement. I had to use a hot-water bottle down there to keep my feet warm. I was constantly being distracted by 3 young kids and was so uncomfortable not being in a proper workspace. I came up with the idea to improve my own work-life balance and then realized that other people need this solution too. In June 2020, I left my job as a structural engineer to pursue the idea full-time.

About The Cabin Office Company: TCOC is a designer and builder of custom, green backyard office studios based in Guelph. Founded in 2020 in direct response to the pandemic, the company serves the needs of people looking for a quiet space to focus on work-from-home or pursuing their passion. View their buildings here;

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