The Brown Firm PLLC Now Offers Free Consultations for DUI Cases

The Brown Firm will now offer free consultations for those facing a first-time or subsequent DUI charge. With this new service offering, the firm offers expert advice and representation for DUI/DWI cases.

The Brown Firm PLLC will now offer an initial free consultation for Virginia residents who are facing a first-time or subsequent DUI/DWI charge. Alexandria DUI defense lawyer Christopher E. Brown provides experienced advice and representation for what is considered a serious offense in Virginia. A Virginia DUI charge is serious and can lead to very severe penalties.

Due to the sheer number of car accidents associated with driving under the influence, Virginia enforces strict DUI/DWI laws to discourage drivers from breaking the law. If a person is pulled over and is found to have a Blood Alcohol Concentration higher than the legal limit of .08, they may be charged with a DUI and if charged, will have a permanent criminal record.

First -time offenders risk the chance of license suspension of one-year if convicted of DUI or DWI. Penalties become more severe with subsequent convictions. A second conviction in ten years carries a three-year license revocation and a third conviction within ten years can lead to indefinite license forfeiture.

In addition to license suspension, a person convicted of a DUI will experience increased insurance premiums and will add points to their license which remain on record for at least 11 years. Penalties also can include, court-ordered restitution, expensive fines, ignition interlock devices, and possible jail time.

The Brown Firm PLLC believes in counseling potential clients so that they do not feel caught off guard or intimidated when talking to professional legal service providers. Christopher E. Brown, Esq. has established a loyal client base because of his transparent approach when providing legal defense or litigation services. In a recent blog, Brown stated, "Our objective is to protect your rights as fully as possible while obtaining the best possible result for you. If we believe that your DUI charge should be dismissed, we'll relentlessly pursue that dismissal."

Being convicted of a DUI in Virginia carries significant penalties which could impact a person's life for many years. The Brown Firm PLLC is very pleased to offer free consultations for persons charged with DUI/DWI in Virginia and will consult by phone or at its local office.

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