The Bronx specialist Realtor Dawn Lee announces Bronx Condos are now on Sale

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Dawn Lee enjoys working with clients in the five boroughs especially the Bronx. Reach out to Dawn Lee for affordable real estate on her website:

Bronx, New York: Renown Realtor Dawn Lee offers apartments and condos for sale through her website. In an ever growing city with home buyers searching for great deals on condos, the Bronx is definitely a good place to look too and Dawn Lee leaves no stone unturned in providing quality condos for sale in 10465.

Condos are unique and buyers need to access the right information before making a final decision and her service afford buyers informative information before purchasing so that when a decision is made its base on facts which will allow them to purchase a condo in the Bronx that they will be very happy with.

The Bronx is just a few miles away from Manhattan and best known for attractions such as the Yankees Stadium; home of the Yankees baseball team, the Bronx Zoo; the largest metropolitan zoo in America, New York Botanical Garden, New York’s largest public garden and so on. If you are looking for Bronx condos for sale 10465, then Dawn lee has just what you need.

The City of Bronx is a special place and if you take a little time to study the Bronx you’ll discover City Island; a picturesque maritime village, Grand Concourse is full of art deco marvels in South Bronx and Fordham and Belmont where you’ll find the real Little Italy; a cultural attraction centered on Arthur Avenue where you’ll find lots of cafes and restaurants.

Dawn Lee provides prime pieces of residential real estate and the Bronx condos available are first-rate and price to sell.

With all the perks associated with a condo like trash collection, routine maintenance, the underground parking, the 24/7 gym access, the indoor pool, the park, etc, it’s no wonder why there is a mad rush for condos at this time.

About Dawn Lee: Dawn Lee, the vibrant and personable licensed real estate agent, ignited her passion in the industry shortly after she earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Communication at Baruch College. She commenced her real estate career in 2007, where she garnered experience and knowledge which brought her tremendous success.

With her 11 years of experience, Dawn is currently affiliated with Besmatch Real Estate—a company with over 30 years in operation—one that lays claim to be the biggest and best in the Bronx. Dawn’s love for real estate has grown overtime. It brings her immense delight to witness the facial expressions of her satisfied clients. She possesses excellent people skills, an effervescent personality, and is approachable, to name a few of her qualities. These traits constantly draw several clients to conduct business with her, and gives her a competitive edge.

She enjoys working with clients in the five boroughs especially the Bronx. One of her reasons for focusing on the Bronx is that there is a growing demand for houses which are constantly being constructed. Also, homeowners mainly rely on successful real estate businesses, like Besmatch, to list, rent and sell their properties.

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