The Best New Book on Leadership in Today’s Angry Environment

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Peter M. Deeley Jr. recently launched a brand new book, “The Leadership Miracle”, available through, and Amazon. More information is available at the website:

Where to Find The Leadership Miracle

A Well Run Life’s Founder Peter M. Deeley Jr. recently launched a brand new book, “The Leadership Miracle”. The book is now available on, and Amazon and is expected to become a big hit with those seeking a new way to discuss issues in the political realm.

More information on the book can be found here:

The book was written with the aim in mind to to encourage more effective public conversation. There’s also particular excitement about this launch because this year has been the angriest and least fruitful political season in history.

The Leadership Miracle sets its main focus on on encouraging people to deeply know themselves and how their speech and actions affect the world. The book focuses readers’ on introspection as the starting point for leadership .

The Leadership Miracle is being released by PMD Works.

Mr. Deeley’s mother is poet Lois Roma-Deeley. She helped shaped the creation of the book by creating an environment that valued language as he grew up.

When asked about why they wrote the book, Deeley Jr. said: “the political conversation drove out so many minds and personalities unable to deal with the volume of anger this year. The public discourse in dominated so badly by the loud, that we have stopped listening to the still, small voices among us”

Deeley Jr. has hopes that the book will encourage a return to a more polite and ordered conversation that allows for a greater number of voices to enter the discussions and debates of these critically important times.

In a recent interview, the author made a point of thanking his family for their part in the creation of the book, saying: “it is the attentiveness with which my family asked me for opinions and insights created whatever skills I have in language today”

Those interested in learning more about the book can visit here:

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