The Best Ceramic Coating Advice For Car Detailers In 2021

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Ceramic or Si02 are not just buzzwords in the industry today! Using the right car care products are paramount in keeping your ride looking it’s finest for years to come.

Professional detailers, automotive enthusiast, and your neighbor right down the street with a Red 2018 Mustang GT 500 agree that hand washing, waxing and giving your car that full detail inside and out is the best way to keep any vehicle looking its finest for years. However, choosing the right detailing products can be tough even seasoned do it yourself or novice detailers might find themselves discouraged by all their choices in this regard. You know what’s out there. You see and hear it, day in and out if you spend any time whatsoever online.

In the increasingly car-centric world, it’s a given that you need to keep your vehicle in tip top shape. With cutting edge research and development in paint sealants and hybrid ceramic waxes. Detailing your car has never been easier or more efficient! Companies offer a variety of products from traditional “wax on – wax off” ones with one-and done results. It has never been easier to detail your cars, trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, and boats.

Very little beats the warm glow of high-quality ceramic wax, and proper preparation is what makes a paint shine. Following up your car wash with an easy ceramic detailer spray will help protect against fine micro scratches, dirt, grime, water spots and the harsh elements for months at a time between washes by providing a protective layer to your car paints finish.

Now that you’ve put all that effort into applying your ceramic coating, it’s important to make sure the protection and gloss stays strong. All you need is a little more time spent on maintaining this great coat by washing and reapplying your ceramic spray at least every 2 to 4 weeks! By applying after every wash, you help build multiple layers of ceramic on your cars paint finish. This is a much cheaper solution than spending thousands on a professional ceramic coat.

If you want to make sure your new ceramic coat lasts and protects as well, it’s important to mention the potential for added chemical sealants. Be cautious in choosing which ones will work with ceramic products because some chemicals may mask certain properties of these coatings- so do thorough research before committing!

One such product that seemed to check all the boxes was The Total Ceramic Boost Kit by Detail Medic. This manufacturing member of the International Detailing Association offers premium quality products made in-house by bona fide automotive enthusiasts with decades of experience in the automotive industry producing car care products that had to meet the highest standards to be used on some of the most expensive supercar paints in the world.

If you’re looking for everything you could possibly need to ceramic coat your car for a practically professional outcome, you can’t go wrong with the Detail Medic Total Ceramic Boost kit available on Amazon. It’s not the cheapest but factored in that it contains the most Sio2 than any other quick detailer ceramic spray on the market, you will get multiple uses and the kit comes with a professional grade 800 gsm microfiber towel for application and removal.

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