The Best Apartment Finding Websites Are Often Apartment Finders

Popular apartment finding websites offer limited information and require a substantial amount of search time. Apartment Finders argue that the best apartment finding websites connect you to them.

Renter’s that have been in the market for an apartment recently know that the variety of options for finding an apartment can be very daunting. The modern renter is faced with a myriad of websites, apps, social media accounts, and advertising all vying for their attention. Apartment Finders like Apartment Experts in Austin, TX, frequently encounter renters that are confused, frustrated and overwhelmed by the choices in front of them.

Renters are wondering ‘what are the best apartment finding websites?’ Most Apartment Finders would say the answer is ‘ours!’ Here’s why…

While Zillow, Hopads, and apps like Zumper provide images, location and rent, even the very best listing-based apartment finding websites are still limited in the amount of data they have per property. For example:

-Rent specials are almost never listed on these types of sites even though they are frequently available.

-Pet Policies including breed, weight and count restrictions, pet rent and pet deposits are rarely available on even the best apartment finding websites even though a full 72% of renters own pets according to the Humane Society.*

-Important property and unit features like yards, attached garages, storage and elevators are not searchable on most apartment finding websites or apps.

-Special needs items like first floor units, ADA compliant apartments and more are frequently not searchable either.

-Qualification criteria like income requirements, credit requirements, criminal background requirements are almost never shown on listing-based apartment finding websites even though they are critical to live there.

According to Apartment Experts, most renters end up with an apartment finder after having invested days searching on one or more apartment finding websites. While these websites and apps give renters a basic idea of what apartments are available in their price range and in the locations they want, they fail to answer the many nuisance questions that are important to the rental decision. They also require a substantial amount of work for the renter to not only search for apartments, but also to reach out to all the apartments that interest them to see if they:


-Take their pets

-Have a unit available that meets their needs and move time-frame

-Confirm pricing

-Ask if they have any specials

Apartment Experts’ apartment finders would argue that those last three are critical in that they change daily, especially in high-demand apartment markets like Austin.

In contrast, Apartment Finder websites like, only require one form to be filled out by the renter, usually taking about 30 seconds, and the apartment finder takes over from there. On these types of apartment finding websites renters can list absolutely everything and anything they need or want in the form. Apartment Finders have access to a much more sophisticated rental database than is available on even the best apartment finding websites that are listing-based. They can quickly find all the appropriate rental options for even the most complex renter requirements.

Savvy renters have learned this. In rental markets like Austin they are using apartment finders in record numbers. Compared with 2019, Apartment Experts reported increases of up to 21% in their apartment search requests month over month despite pandemic-related constraints.

If renters are concerned about needing to meet with an apartment finder in person, they need not worry. For everyone’s safety, the best apartment finders are offering fully virtual appointments and online apartment tours right now as well as one-on-one appointments. In many markets the cost should also not be a concern. The majority of apartment finders across the US offer their service free to renters, and can often save the renter money on their apartment through rent specials or other incentives. According to Apartment Experts Regional Manager, Chip Parker, “All reputable apartment finders in Austin offer their services free. In the 30 years we have been helping Austin renters, we have never charged for our service.”

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*Human Society: Increasing housing options for renters with pets!

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