The Bachelor Week 2 Fantasy Picks By The Bachelor Bracket

The Bachelor Bracket boasts over 100,000 users making their Fantasy Picks for "The Bachelor Week 2". Further information can be found at

The Bachelor Bracket has opened Week 2 Bachelor Fantasy Picks on their website. Fans of the show who want in on the action can create a fantasy bracket deciding which ladies they think will make it from week to week.

The website currently offers 2 game modes still available:

Week to Week gameplay is allows players to make weekly brackets. Each week players must login and make their picks for the next rose ceremony. This is by far the most popular option to play. Most players appreciate being able to evaluate the eligible contestants from week to week and updating their selections.

Pick’em After The First Rose gameplay is the other option players can select. This option allows viewers who watched the first episode to review all the eligible women on the show before making any rose selections. This gameplay requires players to make final selections for the rest of the show before episode 2 airs.

The Bachelor Bracket now boasts over 100,000 users on the site and has been featured in several online publications including and the Wall Street Journal.

The Bachelor Bracket has been able to grow so fast thanks to website owner Allison Burn. She expanded the site’s social media presence in a big way this season which resulted in adding over 25,000 new users in under 1 week. Fans of The Bachelor have clearly been looking for a way to blend fantasy sports with reality television, and this is it.

Allison Burn is quoted as saying: “We like to connect with our players as much as possible using social media. Things like weekly email updates, after rose ceremony scoring updates, and tweeting back to all our fans are what make all the difference.”

The Bachelor Week 2 airs tonight at 8pm EST. To create a fantasy bracket, visit

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