The Avante Institute Releases Insights into Recovery Educational Series

The Avante Institute releases teaser information on the upcoming launch of its new Insights into Recovery Educational Series. Further information can be found at

The Avante Institute today announced the official launch date of its upcoming Insights into Recovery Educational Series service. Rumors are already starting to circulate among folks within the addiction recovery world, as the ‘Live’ date of the Insights into Recovery Educational Series draws near. The Avante Institute has also released three things potential clients and family members can expect from inception time in 2019.

The first thing folks should expect is real life truth about drug and addiction recovery, including holistic detox, follow-up support, coping with loved one’s addiction, what to expect when you get treatment at Avante and more. Learn from former-addict, Dominic, about his 20 years of alcohol and drug abuse and how he got clean through Ibogaine. This will be an honest, raw and informative series designed to help people and their loved ones gain confidence in finally getting sober. Most Ibogaine treatment centers are not run by staff that has first-hand experience with not only addiction, but also the very treatment methods being used at the center. This series will answer any questions one may have, plus shed insight into true recovery during and after detox. This is to be expected from a business who places this much value on providing a safe, medically-supervised detox treatment in a private, relaxing resort in the Bahamas and getting people the help they need to move forward in their lives.

The Avante Institute will provide free consultations to anyone interested in a confidential consult for themselves or their loved one. It is Avante’s hope that more people will gain a strong understanding of how holistic detox is a groundbreaking treatment with a very high success and sustainability rate.

Finally, for potential clients and loved ones, they’ll be interested to know what went into the creation of the Insights into Recovery Educational Series. This series comes from first, the real experience of staff members, coupled with over a decade of teaching, treating and helping addicts and alcoholics become sober.

Dominic Vara, Program Director at The Avante Institute also wanted to add “I’m coming to the table with all of my history – the good, the bad and the ugly. I want people to understand that they are not alone and despite many other attempts to get clean, they CAN do this. I will address as many topics and questions as I can over the coming weeks during this series. I really hope it helps.”Introductory Video to Insights Into Recovery Series

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