The Asigo System Review & Launch Prizes: The eServices Software by Chris Munch

The Asigo System, a new unique business model with an automated 8-figure funnel has been announced by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz from AmpiFire. Asigo completely revolutionizes the eCommerce industry. It enables users to dropship a private label eService to local businesses on autopilot.

Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz announced the launch of The Asigo System, a new automated eServices selling platform. The software enables users to get targeted visitors to their new eStores; sell a high demand, high-ticket eService to local businesses, and generate $5,769+ per week.

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The Asigo System empowers users to create recurring revenue by warming up site visitors and turning them into high-end buyers. Asigo can be used for starting a new business or filling the gaps in an existing one.

Users get access to a platform that offers higher profit margins by ‘dropshipping’ an eService from a pre-built proven online store.

Chris Munch explained: “We set our users up with their own eServices eStore which sells a $1K ticket product – the AmpiFire campaigns, with 90% profit margins. Asigo is different from eCommerce stores due to the sale style being different. Our power users are making more than ever selling virtual services to local businesses without doing the fulfillment work themselves.”

The system features a complete and automated “eService” selling system, which helps users to land $1,000+/mo sales for a service that is fulfilled by Chris Munch’s AmpiFire team.

This life-changing program has been responsible for so many of the big successes of beta testers and the ones Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz have seen in their own businesses.

During the Asigo training, Chris Munch reveals all actionable tips to help users start taking steps to effective revenue generation with Asigo. Students learn how to find their niche that will give them so much more room to grow and how to use the “Aim & Fire” method for generating and converting high-quality traffic. The Asigo method does not require any advertising, SEO or technical skills.

The public launch of The Asigo System is scheduled for July 28, 2020.

Asigo is the perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to bring their online business dreams to life.

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