The Amazing Jazz Artist and Cultural Ambassador Myrna Clayton Evokes Value

The Amazing Jazz Artist and Cultural Ambassador Myrna Clayton Evokes Value, On The Boss Uncaged Podcast. Myrna Clayton is releasing her digital single “You Are Beautiful”



Clayton Claims Music “Essential”, Releases Single For Women’s Contribution

In tribute of the contributions and resiliency of women during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cultural Ambassador Myrna Clayton released her digital single “You Are Beautiful” during Women’s History Month 2021, to underscore the essential benefit of music — and the “essential work” of those who bring an “experience” to others through music.

“It is beauty that is womanhood. It is a charm that is femininity” Clayton explains. It is the strength of joy that is streamed through the xx chromosomes that are female. It is this power that resides in the system that incubates humanity. Down through the ages — from the beginning of time — we are beautiful.”

The tribute song released by Myrna’s CedarTree Worldwide, LLC is a delightful hybrid of soulful jazz, resolute gospel, and soft melodic progressions, with simple yet poignant lyrics (“Has anybody told you — you are beautiful”). The “speaker-singer” in the song can be envisioned as a mother speaking to her daughter — or a mentor encouraging a mentee — or even from a higher source. The musical message of “You Are Beautiful” contains elements of a lullaby, love song — and affirming spiritual anthem. Myrna’s intention for the song with its song with its uplifting lyrics set against a ‘silky’ instrumental background is to bring a sense of joyful confidence to the listener”. The cover image for the digital single portrays three generations of women: Myrna, her mother Minnie, and her daughter Maia – the “M-pire”.

Emerging as a musical cultural ambassador who has toured with her band, “The Myrna Clayton Experience” under the auspices of the U.S. State Department, Myrna has performed throughout Eastern Europe, Namibia, and Guatemala. As a solo artist, Myrna has performed in 17 cities throughout the country of Russia (with Russian musicians) as well as Nigeria, Great Britain, France, and Germany.

Release ID: 89033940