The 2022 State of Voice Over Report is Here — Creative Industry Trends For You

With podcasts and audio content becoming increasingly popular mediums for communication in the digital age, Voices announces the release of a new report with insights for voice over artists looking to expand their employment opportunities in the months ahead.

Voices has launched the 2022 State of Voice Over Report, a detailed compilation of tips and resources from professional voice over artists and an analysis of the trends in the voice over industry and working methods of voice over professionals.

Based on its survey with over 1,000 respondents, the new report gives a first-hand view of industry developments, challenges that arose during the last 12 months, and how to harness new technology to branch into new areas of the creative sector.

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The new Voices study provides a range of industry-specific data for those working in the voice over business. Readers can access enlightening discourse on trends in consumer behaviour, marketing strategies, the types of roles being most sought-after, and the gathering pace of digital transformation in the world today.

The State of Voice Over Report highlighted five key areas for voice talent:

• Career growth is a top priority for 2022

• Talent are developing skills in the most requested roles of 2021

• Diversity and inclusion are on clients’ minds, making more jobs available for voice actors from all walks of life

• Live-directed sessions have simplified, making it easier for talent and clients to connect on voice over projects

• Voice actors are choosing Voices to find their next role

With the launch of its new 2022 State of Voice Over Report, alongside its recent 2022 Annual Trends Report (, Voices continues to help creative practitioners in the voice over succeed.

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