Thai Hot Stone & Oil Sensual Thai Massage Site Relaunch Announced

A Thai massage practice has relaunched its website to coincide with its new ownership. It advertises all of its services and describes the differences between them, as well as explaining the elemental principals behind Thai massage theory.

A traditional Thai massage company has announced a new site relaunch to coincide with new ownership of the business. Sabaydee massage was founded by Napaporn Suebsom three years ago, but is now being run by Miss Pranee Richter. The new owner, Pranee, has practiced Thai massage in Phuket for four years, and having just moved to Switzerland is happy to continue the Sabaydee story.

More information can be found on the official Sabaydee GmbH website at:

The Sabaydee website explains the difference between Thai massage and regular massage, giving customers some background information on the details and process before booking. It also lists all of the massage services available with the company, their prices, and what each one involves. Lastly, it provides clear details on how to find the practice, whether people are travelling by train, tram or car.

Thai massage differs to other forms of massage because it involves Thai element theory at the heart of its philosophy. By using this theory, practitioners can work out which techniques will be best for different people, how quickly or slowly to progress through the massage, and what the goals of each individual massage session should be. The general belief is that everyone has the elements of Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth inside them. This elemental balance is constantly changing, and if it’s out of balance it can result in stress, aching and discomfort both physically and mentally. Because each person’s elements are different, no two Thai massages will ever be the same, as they are tailored to each individual.

As well as the traditional Thai massage, the relaunched Sabaydee practice also offers Thai wellness massage, Asian healing massage, and couples massage. There is a photo gallery to help customers differentiate between each technique, and anyone with questions can contact the practice for more information. The practice can be reached at Grubenstrasse 1, Zurich, 8045, Switzerland. Their contact number is 043 53 913 53 or alternatively customers can email them at

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